Abductees Mothers Association meets EU Special Representative for Human Rights

    Several Yemeni human rights organizations, including Abductees’ Mothers Association, met up with the European Union Special Representative for Human Rights, Mr. Eamon Gilmore, to discuss the armed conflict and human rights in Yemen. During the meeting, Amat Alsalam Al-Haj, head of the association, spoke of the suffering of abductees and their families, the difficulties faced during documenting the violations around conflict areas, and the prisoners

      Abductees Mothers Association meets with Sweden Special Envoy to express Yemeni abductees suffering.

       Abductees’ Mothers Association met up with Sweden’s Special Envoy for Yemen, Peter Semneby, in Marib. During the meeting, the association’s representative, Sabah Humaid, expressed the suffering of abductees in prisons, and the struggle of the released ones.  Humaid spoke of the violations against abductees in prisons, which included; torture, starvation, visit deprivation, and forced disappearance. Additionally, she highlighted the

        Abductees Mothers Association participates at Yemeni Woman And Making Changes For Freedom seminar

        In Marib, Abductees’ Mothers Association made a presentation titled Houthi Violations Against Yemeni Women Since Assuming Control on September 21st, 2014. The presentation was prepared for a seminar held by Yemen Women Union, titled, Yemeni Woman and Making Changes for Freedom and Winning Back the Country.  Ulfat Al-Refayi, an association member, made the association’s presentation which elaborated the violations against women including abduction

          Mothers Day; bless locked up in prisons and buried in graves

          On Mother’s Day, Abductees’ Mothers Association extends its respect and appreciation to the mothers of all abductees and arbitrarily detained and forcibly disappeared persons. For five years, they have been struggling in an endless journey. Despite all challenges and obstacles, mothers have held on to their fighting spirit in all circumstances.  One can search the various events around the globe, and notice the exceptional efforts of many mothers

            Abductees Mothers Association statement on World Press Freedom Day.

            As the whole world combats COVID-19 by releasing all prisoners and detainees, since the conditions at prisons dangerously accelerate the spread of the virus, the warring parties in Yemen continue to abduct journalists and issue execution judgement upon them while allowing no defence for their cases at all.  On April 11th, 2020, Houthi armed group issued a judgement of executing four abductees after more than five years of detention. Armed Houthi officers had

              Abductees Mothers Association statement sympathizing with abducted actor, Entesar Al-Hammadi, and demanding her release.

              In an exclusive report received by Abductees’ Mothers Association, it was stated that the 20-year-old model and actor Entesar Abdulrahman Mahyoub Al-Hammadi was abducted on February 20th, 2021 in Sana’a, and has been unlawfully detained since then. She was falsely tied to a case of other models and actors. In his statement to the association, the victim’s legal consultant, Khaled Mohammed Al-Kamal, said that he and her family were not

                SAM and the Abductees Mothers Association Are Making an Urgent Appeal to Save the Lives of Detainees inside the Houthi Controlled Military Prison

                SAM Organiztion for Rights and Liberties and the Abductees Mothers Association have expressed serious concern about the increasing violations by members of the Houthi group against the detainees in the Sana'a military prison, noting that they have received exclusive information that a number of detainees in prison have been on strike for ill-treatment and delays in legal proceedings against them.   In a joint statement issued on Friday, the two

                  Abductees Mothers Association Ramadan statement in conjunction with widespread of Corona Virus demanding to release all abducted civilians.

                  The seventh Ramadan is here while our abducted, detained, and forcibly disappeared sons are still held behind bars. Our living conditions have worsened and our tears cannot be stopped for any joy is not felt without our sons’ presence.  Currently, there are 633 abducted civilians held by Houthi armed group, 155 of whom are forcibly disappeared. In Aden, there are 39 abducted civilians held at Be’er Ahmed Prison and 38 forcibly disappeared held at

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