Al-wahashi: Cause of Death is Broken Spine

    Ahmed Al-wahashi died at Habrah Prison, leaving four orphaned children. This news was leaked while the family of the struggling young car mechanic was hoping to see him free for he did not work with any political party.At a dismal night, the abductees locked up at Habrah Prison got more worried and anxious hearing, repeatedly, an unknown screaming voice. However, that voice stopped sometime after midnight. Peeking through the holes of cells block windows, they

    23/05/2019 09:10:06

      Al-zawari: Three Years in the Morgue

      On May 1st, Adel Al-zawari's brother went to check on his brother's body at the morgue of Police Hospital in Sana'a, but Adel's body was not there anymore. On top of that, Houthi hospital security assaulted him and threatened to blow his family's house up. Adel's body had been in the morgue for more than three years, after he had been brutally tortured to death. He, after those three years, was secretly buried at Alhafa cemetery at Alnasr

      11/05/2019 09:00:56

        Waleed Al-ibbi: Four Days of Torture that Led to Death

        The older brother's phone rang and he picked up looking around at his family members watching him expectantly. Once he hung up, his mother asked "What is it? Are they going to release Waleed?" "What shall I tell my mother, and his newly married wife?" he thought. Nabeel, the older brother, answered that the call was from the commanding officer of Houthies in Criminal Investigation Prison, at Aladl street in Sana'a, asking him to take

        25/04/2019 08:52:58