In a strongly worded letter Abductees Mothers Association in Sanaa Start clearing all prisons and detention centres

    By peacefully protesting in order to make mothers' voices heard nearby the UN Special Envoy in Sana'a, Abductees' Mothers Association sent a strongly worded letter to the teams of both the government and Houthi armed group convening in Switzerland regarding the case of abductees and forcibly disappeared persons. Mothers condemned, in their letters, the negative attitudes of both towards the abductees, despite COVID-19 pandemic. The letter addressed

      Abductees Mothers Association and Wojud Foundation hold hearing session for victims of forced disappearance and arbitrary arrest in Aden

      In cooperation with Wojud Foundation, Abductees' Mothers Association held, this morning, a hearing session for the victims of forced disappearance and arbitrary arrest in Aden. During the session, Randa Al-Fahd, the association's representative in Aden, gave a speech reminding that the association has monitored 1573 cases of abduction and 186 forced disappearance cases committed by Houthi armed group while Aden's Security Belt has been involved in 75

        In press conference in Taiz in conjunction with International Day of the Disappeared Wife of forcibly disappeared Sanawi My daughter’s heart is getting worse and she has psychological disorder due to absence of her fathers support

        In Taiz, Abductees' Mothers Association held today a press conference with former forcibly disappeared persons and their families, in collaboration with Defa'a for Rights and Liberties and in conjunction with the International Day of the Disappeared. Activist Wafa'a Al-Qadasi said "On this day, families, activists, human rights defenders, human rights organizations, and the whole world make their calls to uncover the fate of forced disappearance

          Abductees Mothers Association in Aden organizes peaceful protest coinciding with International Day of the Disappeared

          Coinciding with the International Day of the Disappeared, Abductees' Mothers Association in Aden carried out a peaceful protest, this morning, from Aloroudh Square to the governorate's security administration building, demanding releasing and saving the lives of dozens of forcibly disappeared persons.The protest statement elaborated that forced disappearance is a criminalized by the law and human rights. Yet, 38 individuals from Aden had been forcibly

            Abductees Mothers Association statement condemns abducting Prof. Al-Sharjabi in Sanaa

            Abductees' Mothers Association condemns abducting Professor Adnan Abdulkader Al-Sharjabi, 61, who works at Psychology Department in Sana'a University. Prof. Adnan was abducted on September 9th, 2020 while he was on his way to his masters students test, and was taken to an unknown destination. It was known that Prof. Adnan has been suffering from a heart disease and excess of fluids in the lungs, and, therefore, takes special medications regularly. The

              Dear Members of Government Prisoners Committee Dear Members of Houthi Prisoners Committee

              Almost two years have passed since Stockholm Agreement was signed, which stated that all abductees, war prisoners, detainees, and forcibly disappeared and house arrested persons must all be released. The agreement was based on different principles, mainly releasing all abductees held by all parties unconditionally and without any exceptions in order to completely resolve the issue. Yet, the actions carried out since then were totally different. During 2019, the

                Abductees Mothers Association statement condemning torturing Mohammed Salba to death by Houthis

                Abductees' Mothers Association condemns torturing Mohammed Abdullah Salba to death by Houthi armed group. Mohammed was abducted on August 27th, 2020, from Hawra Square in Hajjah by two Houthi pickups. Despite his family's intense search through all official prisons, they could never find out where he was detained. After his death, it was found out that he was detained at a house that had been turned into a detention centre by Houthi armed group. In that

                  Eight international and local groups urge all parties to the conflict in Yemen to prioritize the release of arbitrarily detained and forcibly disappeared civilians

                  September 1st, 2020 As the war in Yemen approaches its seventh year, many families continue to suffer as the fate of their loved ones remains unknown in both official and unofficial detention centers run by different parties to the conflict across Yemen. We stand in solidarity with families of hundreds of civilians who either have been arbitrarily detained, abducted or forcibly disappeared for no reason, or particularly for their political views, profession,

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