Abductees Mothers Association celebrates International Women Day with female detainees in Taiz

    In conjunction with International Women’s day, March 8th, Abductees’ Mothers Association paid a visit to women prison at Central Prison in Taiz.  During the visit, the association’s team managed to provide moral support for and distributed token gifts among detainees, who were targeted by artillery in April 2020, which lead to the death of many of them.   In her speech, the association representative in Taiz, Asma’a

      Rallying at early hour of morning; Abductees Mothers Association in Aden demand uncover their forcibly disappeared sons fate

      In Aden, Abductees’ Mothers Association members rallied early this morning nearby the Arab Coalition calling upon its officers to mount pressure on competent authorities in order to release forcibly disappeared persons.   Mothers stated that they had not completely had their breakfast in order to rally that early to catch up with the early working hours for them to be the first to speak with competent authorities.  They, also, stated that for

        Abductees Mothers Association meets Human Rights Minister in Aden

         Continuing its efforts regarding the case of abductees and forcibly disappeared persons, Abductees’ Mothers Association had a meeting with Minister of Human Rights, Ahmed Arman, Deputy Minister, Nabil Abdulhafid, and Karama for Rights and Liberties in Aden.  During the meeting, mothers spoke of their suffering and agonies they had been struggling with since their sons’ abduction forced disappearance in 2016. Yet, they were never awarded with

          Smell of Death; an Abductees Mothers Association report in Taiz monitoring and documenting the violations against abductees held at Alsaleh Prison.

          This morning in Taiz, Abductees’ Mothers Association published its report, titled Smell of Death, documenting and monitoring the violations against abductees and detainees held at Alsaleh Prison at a press conference. The conference was attended by many human rights organizations’ representatives and activists, media platforms, and local mediations.  In the association’s speech, given by its representative in Taiz, Asma’a

            Abductees Mothers Association call to uncover forcibly disappeared fate in Aden.

            For five years, 38 sons of ours have been forcibly disappeared. We have no clue of their fate and their medical conditions. All doors have been knocked and calls have been delivered to all competent authorities in order to acquire any information to hold on to the hope of finding out the fate of forcibly disappeared individuals held at secret detention centres in Aden.  As we demand uncovering the fate of our forcibly disappeared sons, we call upon the Arab

              Abductees Mothers Association rally statement in Aden demanding coalition to mount pressure to release forcibly disappeared

              This is not the first time Abductees’ Mothers Association rallies by the headquarters of Arab Coalition to demand mounting the necessary pressure upon the competent authorities in order to uncover the fate of the individuals who have been forcibly disappeared for five years.   There are 38 forcibly disappeared persons whose families have had no clue of their medical conditions and whereabouts for five years.  At Abductees’ Mothers

                Abductees Mothers Association report calling to save life of abductee Alhasan Al-Sarari held at Political Security Prison in Sanaa

                The mother of Alhasan Abdulrahman Yahya Al-Sarari, a 27-year-old abductee who was abducted by Houthis on September 17th, 2015, filed a report to Abductees’ Mothers Association stating that his health has severely deteriorated and his body has weakened to the extent that he was unable to speak properly and fell unconscious during his visit at Political Security Prison in Sana’a.   His mother reported that he gets around 6 seizures daily,

                  Abductees Mothers Association statement in Aden condemning official silence regarding case of abductees and forcibly disappeared

                  Abductees’ Mothers Association’s rallies continue in Aden to demand the Prime Minister, Ma’een Abdulmalek, to uncover the fate of 38 forcibly disappeared persons, and to release 39 arbitrarily arrested individuals.  Yet, the government has never shown any interest in mothers’ demands.  Since 2016, our sons have been illegally abducted from their homes and workplaces, and been forcibly disappeared.  Since then, we have only

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