Abductees Mothers Association meets with International Committee of the Red Cross in Marib.

This morning, Amat Alsalam Al-Haj, head of Abductees’ Mothers Association, met with the head of International Red Cross Subcommittee, Maria Theresa Casiyapoti, in Marib.
During the meeting, the association demanded the ICRC to look for the female abductee, Khaleda Al-Asbahi, in Houthi prisons in Sana’a, and grant her the rights of family contact and freedom.

Al-Haj, expressed the association’s disapproval of using abducted women in prisoners’ exchange deals, especially since the world will be celebrating United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 on October 30th, while dozens of abducted women are still detained. Topics of improving women detention conditions were discussed in the meeting as well.
The association, also, demanded protecting the released abductees and reunite them with their families as they had been exiled and cannot return to their homes and lives, which are in Houthi-controlled areas.