Abductees Mothers Rally Statement During UN Special Envoy Visit to Yemen

Abductees’ Mothers Association closely observes the fulfillment of Stockholm agreement, signed by Yemeni warring parties last month, which obligates Houthi armed group to release all our abducted and forcibly disappeared sons who have been imprisoned by Houthis for more than 3 years.

Despite the agreement signing, abductions and enforced disappearances have not stopped. Many of the abductees were not recognized or included in the agreement which may jeopardize the agreement. We stress on the importance of implementing the exchange deals of the abductees and enforced disappeared, and to make the necessary guarantees to stop the crime of abducting civilians.

In our rally, here by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, we call upon the UN Special Envoy to place the needed pressure to release the abductees and enforced disappeared and to prevent any party to break or postpone the implementation of the agreement, or try any kind of political extortion. Our sons’ freedom is a humanitarian right granted by the United Nations and international community as it is stated in Stockholm agreement.

Issued by Abductees’ Mothers Association
January 6th, 2019