Abduction: Overwhelming Burden for Mothers and Constantly Increasing Suffering for Children

Abducting civilians, which is usually carried out by armed groups and military organizations, creates devastating suffering for their families. Sudden absence and long term forced disappearance cause great psychological trauma for abductees’ relatives. During these times of economical crisis, most families have started living below poverty line after abductees’ wives had to solely take responsibility for their families. Children’s suffering has multiplied as they had been deprived of their rights of having fathers who provide families’ needs.

Abductees’ Mothers Association met with many families that suffer in the absence of their breadwinners in order to make their voice heard by the international and national community.


A.G says “My husband was abducted around the middle of 2015. He was subjected to forced disappearance and torture. We looked for him everywhere but to no avail. I suffered a lot during his absence. We were encumbered by debts like house rent and school fees. I had to work in a school for a small amount of money, and leave my infant baby with my mother. I could no longer take care of myself nor look after my children properly. I cannot take them to hospital when they get sick. It is too expensive for us. My husband is still in prison without being indicted or referred to a judge or public prosecution.”

A.M says “In October 2015, I had a nervous breakdown when I heard the news of my husband’s abduction. I was admitted into a hospital for a week. We suffered as we had no idea where he was detained or if he was alive or dead. When the first Eid came, I could not even buy my children new clothes. My oldest son decided to drop school and buy a motorbike to use it for work after I had to sell all my ornaments and some of the house furniture. Since my husband is detained in Sana’a, we can only visit him once every three months because it is expensive to travel regularly from here in Hajjah.”

As she recalls her suffering, H.R says “I was shocked and could not believe that my husband was abducted. I have five children and my husband had never left us before. I suffered the overwhelming financial responsibilities of house rent, school fees, and family allowance. My psychological health deteriorated and I fell sick. Doctors told me that the main cause of health condition was anxiety and strain. I started spending much of my time at my brother’s house with my children as my mother insisted on me out of worry. Yet, I had to eventually go home for my children’s sake although I feel like I am in a never-ending cycle of burdens and responsibilities.”


As a result of the suffering the families of abductees and forcibly hidden individuals go through, Abductees’ Mothers Association, since its foundation, have demanded all competent authorities, national and international human rights organizations, and the international community to make more effort to release all the abductees held at all prisons.