Baby Arslan and his Visit to Professor Yusuf Al-Bawab

Arslan is a four-year-old child. His age is almost equal to his uncle’s detention period in Political Security Prison in Sana’a. Two weeks ago, he travelled from Raymah, accompanied by some relatives, to visit his abducted uncle, Professor Yusuf Al-Bawab.

Arslan’s grandmother is disabled. During her son’s incarceration, she has lost sight in one eye and damagingly weakened in the other. Before Arslan and his relatives left for the visit, his grandmother had hugged him, said goodbye, and told him “Pass my regards to your uncle and tell him that I pray for him and longing to see him”.

Today, July 27th, 2019, Arslan and his relatives were allowed to visit his uncle, professor Yusuf Al-Bawab, at Political Security Prison. Arslan did not forget his grandmothers’ message to her son. “Uncle, grandma says hi, and she prays for you” Arslan said. By the time the visit was over, He told his uncle “Come on, uncle. Come with us to see grandma”. Professor Yusuf was emotionally moved by his nephew’s words. He quavered and answered “You go ahead, son. I will be home soon, God willing”.

Their relatives and other visitors were emotionally touched by the situation and some were sobbing. Even prison guards and wardens were moved and silently watching.