Dear Members of Government Prisoners Committee Dear Members of Houthi Prisoners Committee

Almost two years have passed since Stockholm Agreement was signed, which stated that all abductees, war prisoners, detainees, and forcibly disappeared and house arrested persons must all be released. The agreement was based on different principles, mainly releasing all abductees held by all parties unconditionally and without any exceptions in order to completely resolve the issue. Yet, the actions carried out since then were totally different.

During 2019, the association monitored 1326 cases of abducting and forcibly disappearing civilians by Houthi armed group, 14 similar cases carried out by the government. Additionally, 704 abductees have been subjected to torture and mistreatment by Houthi armed group while 26 others were also mistreated and tortured by the government. Houthi group referred 57 abductees to court. The Specialized Criminal Court in Sana’a issued 47 execution judgements upon 47 civilian abductees.

You have left abductees and detainees vulnerable to more violations, namely murder, as 20 abductees were killed inside Houthi prisons in 2019 alone, and 137 others were killed in an air strike carried out by Arab Coalition which targeted Dhamar Community College Prison.

Such violations and crims are what we actually witness. Thus, Stockholm Agreement has become an extra burden on abductees, prolonging their detention periods.

Dear members of both committee, Yemen has been overwhelmed by COVID-19 pandemic and devastated by floods. Yet, you have arrogantly stood you inhumanly grounds. Furthermore, you made family contacts and visits impossible. You have pressured families to accepting prisoners exchange deals based on your conditions, where rights were not granted and abductees were exiled.

Lately, we have proposed several recommendations, with the help of many supporters, to overcome the obstacles stopping you from implementing the agreement. However, the proposals were always turned down.

Today, you are, once again, working on the agreement and name lists while we still live the agony and face the violations all the time. Yet, we cannot afford to give up, and, therefore, extend the following demands, on behalf of hundreds of our abducted and forcibly disappeared sons;

1. To release all abductees and forcibly disappeared persons, whose arrest was unlawfully in regard to the armed conflicts. Freedom is their right, and releasing them is a national commitment they must abide by in order to build the necessary trust between you and the Yemeni population.

2. To compensate all abduction, arbitrary detention, forced disappearance, and torture victims.

3. To stop all abduction and forced disappearance crimes. Bravery has never been in humiliating the dignity of Yemenis.

4. To close down all secret and unofficial prisons and detention centres.

Hundreds of Yemeni, victims of abduction and forced disappearance, and thousands of their family members keep their last ray of hope held by your good intention to achieve peace. Make this meeting an actual implementation of the agreement by clearing all prisons and detention centres and unconditionally releasing all abductees and forcibly disappeared persons.

May our country achieve the peace and prosperity it deserves and may all abductees and detainees be granted their freedom and safety.


Abductees’ Mothers Association – September 17th, 2020 uly 29th, 2020