Khaleda Mohammad Ahmed Al-Aabahi 52 years old

Her son says 🙁 My mother went to receive a transfer that I sent ,15000 Yemeni Riyals, at 6:00 pm on 11/5/2018. She was accompanied by her grandson, where she intended to go to the doctor after receiving the money. My brother called her at 8:00 pm; and she said she was on the way home. An hour passed and my brother tried to call her, but her phone was called off.

In the middle of night, someone called my brother from my mother’s phone asked him to come to pick up his son. He set a place for the meeting. My brother asked him about my mother and he replied 🙁 Now isn’t your mother’s time). Then he said in a threatening tone: “Do you want your son or not?” My brother said : I’ll come now to take him.

He met with the kidnappers and took his son. He asked one of the gunmen: “Who are you? And where’s my mother?” A gunman said: “My name is Tawfiq , and your mother is being investigated .” My brother said: “what did my moter do? She’s an old and sick woman!!” The armed man told him that they would investigate with her, if she’s innocence, they’ll contact him to come to take her.

My brother called the number(199) and told them what happened. One of the security officials from the Ministry of interior told him: These(mean the kidnappers) are political security or national security. They advised my brother to file a police station in the morning. Therefore, in the next morning, my brother went to Beit Boss police station, and he made a report for kidnapping his mother.
After 2 days, my mother called from a strange number. My brother asked her about her location, but she answered that she’s imprisoned in an unknown place. In the next day, the called Tawfiq came with armed men on military clothes and a woman accompanied them. They asked to search the house , and they presented to the family an official paper from the prosecution to search the house.

It was registering that the seizing point is the political security, and the charge is communication with a foreign party. When my brother went th political security to search for her, security supervisors told him that there was no one with that name.
On 30th May 2018, armed men containing two sets off soliders and abus, came to my brother in my mother’s house, beat him , then blindfolfed him and took him to a prison called: Al-Shajara prison, which is a villa with a yard and a basement in Dar Salm area.

My brother was beaten and suspended wuth a chain. After 15 days of his solity confinement, he was surprised by bringing his wife and son, Muhammad, to the prison headquarters where he’s being held. The officer told my brother : “I’ll take you out of here. However, if you go to see your mother, or search for mediation to get her out , I’ll detain you again and you’ll never see the sun again.” Then my brother asked them to take my mother out, but the officer refused and said : “Your mother will stay here for along time”.

Then my brother ,his wife and son were allowed to go back to their house.

According to the statements of her relatives, the victim is kidnapped till today. She contacts them from time to another asking for money. On one occasion, she called her son and told him that all women were transferred from that prison except she and another woman.