Our Abducted Sons Have Been Forcibly Hidden for More Than Three Years

    In a protesting rally held this morning, Abductees' Mothers Association in Al-Hudaydah said that Houthi armed group had forcibly hidden their abducted sons where their conditions are unknown. The rally statement confirmed that the abductees are still hidden at Houthi prisons until this day. These abductees are; Yaser Mohammed Ali Junaid, abducted on Feb 25th, 2017, Tareq Ahmed Sa'eed Khalaf, abducted in Mar 2016, Abu Bakar Abdullah Abdu Hadi,

    10/11/2019 07:26:32

      Detainee Tortured to Death and Abducting Three Civilians by Houthi Armed Group

      Mansour Tale'a, a seventy-year-old abductee, has been killed due to the brutal torture he had been subjected to from Houthi officers at Political Security Prison in Sa'adah. Houthi armed group continues abducting civilians as three citizens have been recently abducted and locked up at Political Security Prison in Sana'a. It has been noted that Houthi armed group referred 22 abductees from Al-Hudaydah who had been held at Political Security Prison in

      08/11/2019 08:02:40

        Abductees Mothers Association Holds Conference in Marib for Released Abductees

        Titled Torture Crimes Are Imprescriptible, Abductees' Mothers Association held, this morning, its fourth conference for the torture victims who had been abducted and detained by Houthi armed group. The conference started by welcoming and congratulating the abductees for their freedom after many years of detention, incarceration, torture, and suffering and assuring that the association will continue its efforts until all abductees and forcibly hidden

        26/10/2019 12:27:09

          Abduction: Overwhelming Burden for Mothers and Constantly Increasing Suffering for Children

          Abducting civilians, which is usually carried out by armed groups and military organizations, creates devastating suffering for their families. Sudden absence and long term forced disappearance cause great psychological trauma for abductees' relatives. During these times of economical crisis, most families have started living below poverty line after abductees' wives had to solely take responsibility for their families. Children's suffering has

          24/10/2019 19:26:29

            Abductees Mothers Demand Uncovering Abductees Fate

            In a protesting rally nearby the coalition headquarters, mothers of abductees and forcibly hidden individuals in Aden demanded the competent authorities to uncover the fate of dozens of forcibly hidden individuals and immediately release them. In their statement, mothers stated that It had been three years since their sons went into forced disappearance and that their fate, health conditions, and whereabouts were unknown. They called upon the United Nations and

            24/10/2019 11:45:34

              Abductees Mothers Association in Ibb: We Lost 21 of Our Abducted Sons in Prison Airstrikes

              Abductees' Mothers Association in Ibb stated, in memory of targeting Dhamar Community College Prison victims, that they have lost 21 of their abducted sons in the Arab Coalition airstrikes while 4 others were injured. This crime came after Houthi armed group had illegally abducted and forcibly hidden them for years. In this morning rally, the association disapproved the international and humanitarian silence towards the crime and called upon the

              13/10/2019 10:06:48

                Abductees Mothers Association Rallies in Memory of Community College Prison Bombing Victims While Families Unable to Bury Relatives

                Abductees' Mothers Association held, this morning, a protesting rally in the memory of Community College Prison bombing victims. The bombing resulted in the death of 100 abductees after targeting the prison by coalition air force at the beginning of September. The prison itself was originally a community college turned, by Houthi armed group, into a detention center holding dozens of abductees and forcibly hidden individuals. Abductees' Mothers

                12/10/2019 12:51:54

                  Yemeni Teachers Between Forced Disappearance and Death by Torture

                  Since 1994, the world has celebrated Teachers' Day on October 5th of every year as a gesture of appreciation to teachers and educators around the world. This international celebration comes as a way to generate the necessary support and needs for the coming generations in terms of education. More than 100 nations recognize and celebrate this day, including Yemen. Yet, for the past five years, the only type of recognition of World Teachers' Day Yemen has

                  11/10/2019 06:39:06

                    Aden: Abductees Mothers Call Upon IRC to Save Their Abducted and Forcibly Hidden Sons

                    Abductees' Mothers Association organized, today morning, a rally by the International Red Cross office in Aden calling upon the international human conscience to save the lives of dozens of their abducted and forcibly hidden sons and to disclose their fate.In the rally statements, mothers stated that many abductees have been forcibly hidden for as long as three years, and their fate is currently unknown as all legal procedures have been put on hold. The

                    07/10/2019 16:33:36

                      Freed Abductees Families Overwhelmed with Happiness and the Association Demands More Efforts to Release the Rest of Abductees

                      Abductees' Mothers Association congratulated the families of the freed abductees and forcibly hidden individuals, and assured that its efforts will continue until all abductees and forcibly hidden individuals are released and free. Houthi armed group released 250 abductees out of 2200 detained abductees and forcibly hidden individuals after those abductees had been as long as four years in prison with no legal justification. Despite the many meetings and

                      03/10/2019 20:59:01

                        Abductees Mothers Association Participates in the CIV-MIL Dialogue Forum in Marib

                        Abductees' Mothers Association participated, today, in the CIV-MIL Dialogue Forum in Ma'rib. The forum was organized by Center for Civilians in Conflict and in collaboration with Ministry of Interior in Ma'rib. Many human rights organizations and police and security officers attended the forum. Different cases and papers were presented including the cases of abduction and forced disappearance, prison reforms, and police officers' relationship with

                        03/10/2019 17:16:51

                          We Appreciate the UN and IRC Efforts and Demand the Unconditional and Immediate Release of the Rest of the Abductees

                          After great and continuous efforts, carried by Abductees' Mothers Association and supported by many national and international human rights organizations and figures, demanding the freedom of all abducted civilians by means of meetings, statements, and rallies, 250 out of 2200 abductees and forcibly hidden individuals were released last Monday by Houthi armed group. Those abductees have been detained and transferred from a prison to another with no legal

                          02/10/2019 17:35:15

                            Prisoners Exchange: Exile, Displacement, and Tragedy of Freed Abductees

                            Around Houthi-controlled areas, Houthi armed group continues abducting civilians accusing them of opposition and detaining them for more than two years. During incarceration, abductees are often brutally tortured and forcibly hidden. Abductees' families are usually extorted financially and emotionally. After all that, Houthi armed group initiates unfair negotiations where those civilian abductees are exchanged for Houthi war prisoners.Abductees' Mothers

                            28/09/2019 15:31:30

                              Targeting Abductees at Community College Prison: A Crime Committed by Houthi Armed Group and Coalition Air Force

                              At the early hours of September 1st, 2019, Arab Coalition air force targeted a Houthi secret prison used to detain dozens of abductees and forcibly hidden individuals who were used as human shields. Houthi media rumored that almost all the detainees were war prisoners when in fact they were civilians who had been abducted from their homes and workplaces. Houthi armed group hunted down those who survived the airstrike and took them to other secret prisons despite

                              24/09/2019 19:04:44

                                Abductees Mothers and Children: Life Between Painful Longing and Fear of Eternal Loss

                                In Yemeni prisons, thousands of abductees are being held with no rights, leaving thousands of families suffering trauma and devastation. Stories of the abductees' families' and children's suffering were written with words that carried abundance of repression and hope. We are trying to give them a voice that can be heard by humanity and grant them the needed support. Some of the children were victims of arrest where they were detained and treated as

                                20/09/2019 08:15:49

                                  Abductees Mothers Association Participates in Human Rights Council Session and Meets UN Special Rapporteur on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances and International Committee of Experts

                                  Abductees' Mothers Association's executive director, Amat Assalam Al-Haj, participated in a seminar held by WILPF and Peace Track Initiative. The seminar itself was a part of Human Rights Council sessions. Al-Haj introduced the association and its activities which helped in the release of hundreds of abductees, and talked about arbitrary arrest and detention from women point of view. Al-Haj, in the same context, participated in an intervention presented by

                                  12/09/2019 7:25:06