Mothers of abductees in Taiz demand releasing their sons before Eid

    In Taiz, Abductees' Mothers Association stated that 305 abductees from Taiz were still detained at Houthi prisons where they had been subjected to torture and mistreatment and that 31 of them were suffering from chronic diseases, yet had not been provided with the necessary medical care. In their rally held this morning by the governorate administration building, mothers declared that while there had been several suspected cases of Covid-19 at Alsaleh Prison

    30/07/2020 11:45:02

      Abductees Mothers Association: no breakthrough to implement international conventions regarding case of abductees and forcibly disappeared and arbitrarily detained persons

      Today, Abductees' Mothers Association carried out a protesting rally by the OHCHR in Sana'a. The association stated that international conventions regarding the case of their abducted, forcibly disappeared, and arbitrarily detained sons had been ignored one after another with no implementation and had been intentionally derailed. The rally statement claimed that there was no imminent breakthrough to implement Stockholm Agreement and Riyadh Agreement,

      24/07/2020 04:32:01

        Abductees Mothers Association meets with Deputy Speaker of House of Representatives

        Representatives of Abductees' Mothers Association visited, today, Abdulaziz Jubari, the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, who positively arranged the meeting and took notes of their case. The association demanded, in a letter presented to the Deputy Speaker, the House of Representatives to take up the case of abductees and forcibly disappeared and arbitrarily arrested persons. The letter called the House of Representatives to form a committee

        18/07/2020 18:14:33

          Null and void Specialized Criminal Court in Sana’a

          A year has passed since the Houthi-controlled Specialized Criminal Court issued its judgement of executing 30 political activists in a single hearing on July 9th, 2019. The court rule had no judicial standards.The defendants were all academics, educators, and students who had never been into prison before and had no criminal record. The only reasons for their arrest were their political believes and affiliations. Thirty abductees are in their sixth year at Houthi

          13/07/2020 10:25:18

            Null and void Specialized Criminal Court in Sana’a

            Specialized Criminal Court is an exceptional court of state security.Specializer Establishing the court was contradicting the Constitution of Yemen, specifically Article 150 of the constitution and Article 8 of Judicial Authority Law, which both state that exceptional courts may not be established under any conditions. In addition, the court is considered null and void by the Supreme Judicial Council's decree, which was issued on April 4th, 2018. The decree

            13/07/2020 10:15:14

              Abductees Mothers Association in Aden demands self-government to uncover fate of forcibly disappeared persons and to release arbitrary arrested individuals

              This morning, Abductees' Mothers Association carried out a protesting rally by self-government headquarters in Aden at Gold Moor area. Mothers met with the head of the self-government's committee responsible for managing prisons, judge Nabil Jawaih, and a member of the committee, Thekra Ma'atuq, a lawyer. An official memo was handed to them by mothers, in addition to a list of abductees' and forcibly disappeared persons' names. The committee

              08/07/2020 19:39:43

                Abductees Mothers Association makes urgent calls for help to Security Council, UN Secretary-General, and Special Envoy to Yemen

                Abductees' Mothers Association made urgent calls for help to Security Council, United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, and UN Special Envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, urging them to take immediate actions in order to help release abductees held at Houthi armed group's prisons, and arbitrarily arrested and forcibly disappeared persons held at Southern Transitional Council's prisons. Afrah Al-Akhali, the association's Foreign Relations

                08/07/2020 19:32:49

                  Abductees Mothers Association defend detainees in prisons amid the risk of COVID Nineteen

                  The issue of detainees held in prisons has encouraged many women to break their silence and make a stand to defend the rights of their male family members who are victims of detention and forced disappearance. The Abductees' Mothers Association is one of the prominent initiatives led by women which works on the ground and responds to COVID-19.The appalling health conditions of prisons in Yemen, amid the spread of the pandemic and viral fevers, including

                  30/06/2020 20:02:23

                    Mothers Awaiting Justice; report introducing four-year-long tragedy in search for justice

                    At Tuesday night, Abductees' Mothers Association introduced its fourth annual report titled, Mothers Awaiting Justice. The introduction was held via Zoom application as a commitment to practicing social distancing amidst COVID-19 global outbreak. The introduction was attended by human organizations' representatives as well as many other activists, journalists, lawyers, and TV channels representatives. For four years, mothers of abductees and arbitrarily

                    17/06/2020 12:22:53

                      Aden; abductees mothers protest by coalition headquarters to demand uncovering fate of forcibly disappeared

                      Many abductees' and forcibly disappeared persons' mothers held a protesting rally this morning by Arab Coalition headquarters in Aden to demand the coalition and attorney general to immediately uncover the fate of our sons, who have been forcibly disappeared since 2016, and release all abductees and forcibly disappeared persons.Mothers demanded Arab Coalition and the committee formed by it to reveal the results of its investigation for the forcibly

                      16/06/2020 08:49:30

                        Abductees Mothers Association in Al-Hudaydah demands uncovering fate of forcibly disappeared persons amid COVID-19 outbreak

                        Abductees' Mothers Association demanded to uncover the fate of their abducted and forcibly disappeared sons held at Central Security Prison in Sana'a, after Houthi armed group had transferred them from Al-Hudaydah. In today's protest, where mothers practiced precautionary measures and social distancing, mothers stated that since Mohammed Wasel, an abductee held at that prison, had infected with Coronavirus, COVID-19 had been spreading among abductees,

                        11/06/2020 10:53:48

                          To whoever has human conscience,

                          My absent father, Abkar Abdullah Abdu, was abducted on March 16th, 2016 in Al-Hudaydah. I have been missing and longing to my father every day. We all miss him here; my sisters; Khaireyah and Ruba, my brothers; Mustafa and Assem, my mother, my grandfather, and everyone else in the family. We miss the good days when my father would come home carrying fruits and sweets, and we would go out with him.  I will never forget your smile, which helped me overcome any

                          06/05/2020 20:04:16

                            Abductees mothers hold exceptional protesting rally demanding their sons release

                            Abductees' Mothers Association held an exceptional protesting rally from their homes in Sana'a, Aden, Al-Hudaydah, Taiz, and Ma'rib today, April 18th 2020, which is Yemeni Abductee's Day. Mothers extended their calls to save their abducted sons. Mothers held their rally online as a practice of social distancing to fight Covid-19. The disease has doubled the fears for the lives of hundreds of abducted, forcibly disappeared, and arbitrarily

                            18/04/2020 15:13:16

                              Held by Arab Coalition headquarters; mothers of abductees organize a rally to demand the release of their sons amidst fears of Covid-19

                              Abductees' Mothers Association demanded the government, Supreme Judicial Council, and Attorney General to urgently take the needed actions to release their arbitrarily detained sons. The demands were made in a protesting rally held by Arab Coalition headquarters today morning. The rally statement condemned ignoring Attorney General's 7th decree of 2020 regarding the temporary release of all abductees and granting district attorneys exceptional

                              08/04/2020 14:26:22

                                Abductees Mothers Association in Aden demands saving abductees before Covid-19 spreads in prisons

                                Abductees' Mothers Association in Aden expressed its their greatest worries for their abducted sons' conditions due to the global widespread of Covid-19 while there 38 forcibly disappeared abductees and 52 detainees held at Be'er Ahmed Prison who suffer different chronic disease and skin rashes.  In their rally by coalition headquarters, mothers of abductees and forcibly disappeared persons demanded competent authorities to abide by safety measures

                                31/03/2020 18:38:28

                                  Abductees Mothers Association in Ibb demands release of abductees on Mothers Day

                                  Abductees' Mothers Association in Ibb called upon the United Nations, human rights organizations, and all official competent authorities to urgently intervene to release their abducted and forcibly disappeared sons, held at Houthi prisons, while Covid-19 has been spreading around the globe. It called upon the IRC visit prisons and detention centres. The requests were extended during a protesting rally held by mother today morning in Ibb as the world was

                                  23/03/2020 12:43:42