Sanaa; abductees mothers use medicine bottles to send message to meeting representatives in Amman

    Mothers of abductees and forcibly disappeared persons held a protesting rally, this morning, by the office of UN Special Envoy to Yemen to demand the meeting committees to include all abductees and forcibly disappeared persons in swap lists. In the rally statement, the association said that 24 abducted civilians had died, since signing Stockholm Agreement, due to torture and health care negligence, and 134 others had been killed by Arab Coalition air force

    18/02/2020 17:03:44

      Abductees Mothers in Taiz: sons subjected to brutal torture at Alsaleh Prison while 156 still detained there

      Abductees' Mothers Association in Taiz stated that dozens of their sons had been subjected to various types of brutal torture, physically and psychologically at Alsaleh Prison at Alhawban area by Houthi armed group during a protesting rally held this morning by the governorate's administration building.In the rally statement, the association said that many former abductees had been interviewed by the association and talked about the different types of

      06/02/2020 13:55:05

        Mothers of abducted and forcibly disappeared victims in Aden demand coalition to carry out their promise to uncover the fate of the disappeared

        Abductees' Mothers Association in Aden held, today morning, a protesting rally by Arab Coalition headquarters to demand the coalition to carry out their promises to immediately uncover the fate of their forcibly disappeared sons and to process their cases.Mothers and wives held up pictures of their sons and husbands who had been illegally disappeared for four years. They, also, held up banners demanding human rights organizations to stand by their cause until

        08/02/2020 11:47:47

          Abductees mothers in Aden demand coalition to uncover their sons fate

          Abductees' Mothers Association in Aden organized today a protesting rally by the Arab Coalition headquarters to demand uncovering the fate of forced disappeared persons. During the rally, mothers were allowed to meet coalition officer in charge in Aden, colonel Abu Sultan, who collected a list of disappeared persons' names, discussed mothers' demands, and promised to further investigate forced disappearances and take the necessary actions to bring the

          23/01/2020 10:59:34

            Abductees Mothers Association in Aden calls upon IRC to urgently save abductees at Beer Ahmed Prison

            In this morning rally by the International Red Cross office in Aden, Abductees' Mothers Association called upon the IRC to immediately take actions to save the abductees held at Be'er Ahmed Prison. In its statement, the association confirmed that 57 abductees at Be'er Ahmed Prison are at the risk of catching contagious diseases as systematic healthcare negilegance continues.Mothers said that abductees held at Be'er Ahmed Prison had continued their

            19/01/2020 14:10:06

              Abductees mothers and children hope for freedom and peace in 2020

              Abductees' mothers and children held a rally, today morning, by OHCHR in Sana'a. Mothers and children held banners hoping for and looking forward to peace in freedom in 2020, where all abductees and arbitrary detainees would be hopefully free all over the country, and all the suffering would be stopped.Writing "Release daddy", "I miss my father", and "Love you, dad", children expressed their great longing to their fathers who

              9/01/2020 11:25:06

                Ibb; Abductees Mothers Demand Their Sons Release Before New Year

                Abductees' Mothers Association in Ibb stated that there were 198 abductees who had been subjected to physical and psychological torture, and healthcare negligence, and prevented from taking their medications by Houthi armed group.The statement was issued during a rally held this morning by Abductees' Mothers Association in Ibb. The rally itself was organized to protest against and condemn the horrible healthcare conditions the abductees had been suffering

                01/01/2020 03:16:08

                  Mothers of Abductees in Aden Call Upon Saudi Committee to Help Disclose Their Sons Fate

                  Abductees' Mothers Association demanded, in today's protesting rally by Al-Ma'asheeq in Aden, the government to carry out its duties in order to uncover the fate of dozens of abductees and forcibly hidden individuals. Mothers called upon Pro-Legitimacy Coalition committee responsible for implementing Jeddah Agreement to include forced disappearance and abduction victims as a priority in the preparations of appointing a new security administration in

                  16/12/2019 17:38:10

                    Yemeni Women Are Facing Risk of Abduction, Detention, and Forced Disappearance

                     As the world is celebrating Human Rights Day and 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, we find ourselves facing a great challenge calling for the attention of human rights organizations and feminist unions, nationally and internationally. This challenge is Yemeni women protection, safety, and support.Since the beginning of 2018, many Yemeni women have been victims of abduction, arrest, forced disappearance, and long-term detention.

                    10/12/2019 17:53:23

                      Abductees Mothers Association Holds Psychological and Social Support Session for Abductees Mothers and Wives

                      Titled A Heart Broken Mother, Abductees' Mothers Association held psychological and social support session for abductees' mothers and wives in collaboration with Ma'rib Dam, today in Ma'rib. Many women, whose sons and husbands had been illegally abducted from their workplace and homes, participated in the session that coincided with the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence. These abductees have been subjected to torture and violations

                      08/12/2019 18:46:58

                        Dhamar Community College Prison; Most Heart-breaking Tragedy

                        Abductees' mothers tragedies and suffering have varied between the abduction, disappearance, and brutal torture of their sons, and killing them by airstrikes. However, what really broke their hearts this time was burying their sons without informing families or allowing them to have one final look at them. Houthi armed group has buried 72 bodies of the remaining victims of the bombing. Houthis dug seven trenches. Each trench contained 10 small graves where

                        07/12/2019 05:32:45

                          The Great Grave; Abductees Mothers Association Report Documenting the Death of Dozens of Abductees During Coalition Air Force Bombing of Community College Prison in Dhamar

                          In Taiz, Abductees' Mothers Association introduced, today morning, a report, titled The Great Grave, that highlights the crime of Arab Coalition air force bombing of Community College Prison in Dhamar which resulted in the death of 137 abductees and seriously injuring 45 others whom had been abducted and detained by Houthi armed group for years.  During the conference, association regional director, Asma'a Al-Ra'ei said that the association had

                          28/11/2019 13:57:17

                            Two Protesting Rallies Carried Out by Abductees Mothers Association in Aden to Demand Uncovering Abductees Fate

                            Abductees' Mothers Association organized, today morning, two protesting rallies, one held by Security Management headquarters and the other by the gate of Al-ma'asheek. These rallies were a part of series demands to uncover the fate of abductees and forced disappearance victims, and to either release or have the abductees fairly tried. During the rally, mothers had a meeting with the director of Aden Security Management administrator office, Colonel

                            26/11/2019 18:24:35

                              Abductees Mothers in Sanaa Call Upon OHCHR to Urgently Intervene to Save Their Sons

                              Abductees' Mothers Association stated that more than 1800 individuals had been abducted and forcibly hidden by Houthi armed group, 450 of them had been in prison for four years and that there were 106 detainees and forcibly hidden individuals who had been abducted by military and security organizations in Aden, 26 of them had been forcibly hidden for three years. All these abductees have been tortured in prisons and let down by human rights organizations. In

                              17/11/2019 10:51:07

                                Aden Abductees Mothers Demand Authorities to Uncover Forcibly Hidden Individuals Fate

                                In this morning rally nearby coalition headquarters, abductees' mothers in Aden demanded authorities and human rights organizations to uncover the fate of their sons who had been forcibly hidden for three years. In the rally statement, mothers said that there have bee more than 37 forcibly hidden individuals held at secret detention centers in Aden for more than three years. Despite their repeated demands, they were never given any information regarding their

                                11/11/2019 19:44:58