Abductees Mothers Association statement regarding the meeting with coalition commanders in Aden

     As a part of its constant efforts to uncover the fate of forcibly disappeared abductees and to grant them their humanitarian and legal rights, Abductees' Mothers Association met today with several security and military commanders and prison wardens. The association had been invited for the meeting by colonel Abu Sultan of Arab Coalition as an answer to their repeated demands for their sons' freedom.During the meeting, colonel Abu Sultan urged to the

    07/02/2020 09:34:49

      Abductees Mothers Association rally statement in Taiz

      There are dozens of official and secret unofficial prisons where Houthi armed group unlawfully holds hundreds of civilians at Houthi-controlled areas. Abducted civilians have been subjected, at these prisons, to inhuman torture for years. Alsaleh Prison at Al-Hawban area in Taiz is one of those prisons which has been turned by Houthis from commercial and residential building to prisons for hundreds of men and many women. The association has documented 156

      06/02/2020 11:35:52

        Abductees Mothers Association rally statement in Aden by IRC office

        Abductees held at Be'er Ahmed Prison have continued their hunger strike for two days after the widespread of diseases as 7 abductees have been infected by Dengue Fever while prison administration ignores providing the vital healthcare to stop this widespread placing the lives of 57 abductees in danger.Mothers live in constant worries and fear. While great efforts are made to stop the spread of diseases around the country, abductees are not provided with any of

        16/01/2020 20:09:29

          Abductees Mothers Association Rally Statement in Ibb Condemning Health Condition Deterioration of Abductees at Houthi Prions

          Healthcare negligence is killing our abducted and forcibly disappeared sons. Our sons have suffered abduction, forced disappearance, physical and psychological torture, and healthcare prevention at Houthi prisons in Ibb for four long years. Yet, our worries and concerns have escalated during winter as they had been prevented from medication where five abductees are in serious danger suffering from various heart diseases, renal function impairment, and liver

          28/12/2019 16:22:22

            Abductees Mothers Association Statement on Stockholm Agreement Signing Anniversary

            It has been a year since Stockholm Agreement was signed. The agreement stated that war prisoners, abductees, detainees, and individuals who are forcibly hidden and put under house arrest shall all be exchanged between warring parties. The agreement itself was signed under the auspices of the United Nations and its Special Envoy to Yemen. All Yemeni parties and Arab Coalition approved on the articles agreement as a commitment to peace making principles which was

            17/12/2019 15:55:19

              Abductees Mothers Association Demands Saving Abductees Lives at Beer Ahmed Prison in Aden

              It has been reported to us, at Abductees' Mothers Association in Aden, that the health of our abducted sons detained at Be'er Ahemd Prison had severly deteriorated and they had repeatedly fallen unconscious due to their continuous hunger strike. After three years of illegal abduction and detention, Public Prosecution ordered the release of 6 abductees. Yet, the orders have not been carried out. Legal processing of the other abductees have postponed. For

              14/12/2019 11:59:06

                Abductees Mothers Association Urgent Report Condemning Subjecting Journalists to Torture and Referring Them to Court

                On this year's Human Rights Day, ten of our abducted sons are tried for being journalists after four and half years of abduction. These journalists are; Abdulkhaleq Amran, Tawfik Al-Mansouri, Akram Al-Walidi, Haitham Al-Shehab, Esam Belghaith, Hesham Tarmoum, Hesham Al-Yousefi, Salah Al-Qae'di, Hasan Annab, Al-Hareth Humaid. They were abducted in June 9th, 2015 and have been forcibly hidden three times. They have been subjected to mental and physical

                10/12/2019 17:13:29

                  Abductees Mothers Association Statement Condemning Neglecting Health of Khaled Al-Arafi at Houthi Prisons

                  An urgent report was filed to Abductees' Mothers Association from the family of the abductee Khaled Al-Arafi, a lawyer, calling to rescue his life. Khaled's health has physically and psychologically deteriorated while being detained at Houthi prisons since his abduction last March in Al-Bayda'a. He had been suffering from liver infection. We, at Abductees' Mothers Association, hold Houthi armed group responsible for the life and safety of Khaled

                  05/12/2019 19:39:32

                    Abductees Mothers Association Condolence and Consolation Statement as Community College Prison Remaining Victims Buried

                    Today, after three months of bombing Community College Prison in Dhamar by Arab Coalition air force, Houthi armed group buried, at Dhamar Cemetery, 72 bodies of our abducted sons who turned to dismembered parts. Houthi dug seven trenches. Each trench contained 10 small graves where unidentified bodies were buried. We, at Abductees' Mothers Association, have never felt this heartbreakingly sad. How could a mother believe that her son had been buried without

                    03/12/2019 20:29:04

                      Abductees Mothers Association Rally Statement In Aden

                      As preparations of appointing a new security administration in Aden go on, as Jeddah Agreement stated, mothers fears and worries over the fate of their forcibly hidden sons escalate. We, at Abductees' Mothers Association, demand Security Management to immediately uncover the fate of our sons who have been forcibly hidden for three years. There have been 37 cases of forced disappearance where victims had been initially arrested by security organizations acting

                      26/11/2019 17:52:18

                        Khaled Al-Haith Obituary

                        As mothers grieve, we, at Abductees' Mothers Association, mourn the death of the abductee Khaled Mohammed Mahmoud Al-Haith. Khaled, a 45-year-old abductee, passed away today, November 20th 2019, after four years of abduction and detention. He was unlawfully abducted on February 26th, 2016. He was neither indicted nor referred to public prosecution. Sadly, he ended up dying as a result of healthcare negligence in a Houthi prison. Khaled Al-Haith started

                        20/11/2019 19:44:46

                          Abductees Mothers Association Rally Statement in Sanaa

                          Hundreds of innocent civilians have been abducted and forcibly hidden for four years both at southern and northern areas of the country. These abductees have been tortured in prisons and let down by human rights organizations.More than 1800 individuals have been abducted and forcibly hidden by Houthi armed group, 450 of them have been in prison for four years. There are 106 detainees and forcibly hidden individuals who have been abducted by military and security

                          17/11/2019 10:16:06

                            Abductees Mothers Association Rally Statement in Aden

                            We, abductees' and forced disappearance victims' mothers in Aden, demand the authorities to uncover the fate of our sons who have been forcibly hidden for three years. There are more than 37 forced disappearance victims whose fate and health conditions are unknown which is considered a grave violation of all human rights and values.  From our rally nearby the coalition headquarters, we call upon all competent authorities to pay more attention to our

                            11/11/2019 19:50:39

                              Abductees Mothers Association Rally Statement in Al-Hudaydah

                              For the past three years, Houthi armed group, in Al-Hudaydah, has forcibly hidden our abducted sons where their conditions are unknown. These abductees are; Yaser Mohammed Ali Junaid, abducted on Feb 25th, 2017, Tareq Ahmed Sa'eed Khalaf, abducted in Mar 2016, Abkar Abdullah Abdu Hadi abducted in Jan 2016, Omar Ali Qayam, abducted in Jan 2016, and Ghazali Ali Hasan Abdu who was taken off his motorbike. Our concerns have escalated as abductees' families

                              10/11/2019 07:07:33

                                Abductees Mothers Association Statement Regarding Excluding Abductees from Jeddah Agreement

                                Our abducted sons held at Be'er Ahmed in Aden declared going on a hunger strike for the second month within a month in a protest against the continuous incarceration despite the issued release order, postponing referring other abductees to court, and denying healthcare rights. Abductees' Mothers Association disapproves completely excluding the file of abductees and forcibly hidden individuals from Jeddah Agreement. The devastation of mothers should not

                                06/11/2019 18:36:30

                                  Abductees Mothers Association Urgent Report Urging to Save Ill Abductees at Central Security Prison in Sanaa

                                  Illegally, our sons have spent years behind bars where they are subjected to physical and psychological torture, and systematic health negligence.It was reported to us that many abductees at Central Security Prison in Sana'a have been suffering as their health is deteriorating where healthcare is completely neglected. The abductee Mohammed Abdullah Al-Redah went into a critical health condition since he had had angina. While the abductee Khalid Mohammed

                                  02/11/2019 02:46:15