Abductees Mothers Association Statement on World Mental Health Day

    While the world is celebrating World Mental Health Day, on October 10th, our abducted and forcibly hidden sons are subjected to all kinds of mental torture in order to devastate their psychological and mental capabilities. Our sons go through different kind of mental torture starting from solitary confinement and escalating to sleep deprivation for days, locking abductees up in pitch-black cells for months along with dangerous animals and mad people, and sometimes

    10/10/2019 03:19:59

      Abductees Mothers Association Rally Statement in Aden

      The humanitarian cause of our abducted and forcibly hidden sons is disregarded while their suffering is worsening daily in Aden. Our sons are merely civilians who had been abducted from their homes and from public places, and have been subjected to brutal torture, beating, and inhumane mistreatment. Their living and health conditions have deteriorated. Some of them have been forcibly hidden for as long as three years, and their fate is currently unknown as all

      07/10/2019 16:25:20

        Abductees Mothers Association Rally Statement in Taiz

        It has been a week since the coalition air force targeted Community College prison in Dhamar. The crime resulted in the death of hundreds of abductees and forcibly hidden individuals, and many others are still missing. Those abductees have been detained by Houthi armed group for four years. They had been prevented from family visits, food, and water during those four years, only to be handed in as dead bodies and dismembered body parts to their families after

        07/09/2019 11:43:33

          Urgent Report Condemning Targeting Community College Prison in Dhamar by Coalition

          Abductees' Mothers Association greatly condemns and disapproves targeting Community College prison in Dhamar by coalition air force which resulted in the death of many abductees and forcibly hidden individuals. The Red Cross had prior knowledge of the prison and the abductees inside it who had been gathered by Houthi armed group from different governorates with no humanitarian or legal deterrent. Yet, the air strikes were carried out. We hold the Arab

          01/09/2019 15:56:07

            Abductees Mothers Association Urgent Appeal Calling to Rescue Abductees and Forcibly Hidden Individuals in Aden

            Amidst the crisis taking place in Aden, warring parties turn their backs to the severe breaches of human rights agreements and ruthless violations against or forcibly hidden and abducted sons detained in official and secret prisons here in Aden. They, also, conveniently forget the arbitrary arrest and detention of many civilians carried out by military and security organizations within the past two days with no legal or humanitarian deterrent. On the

            30/08/2019 07:35:19

              Abductees Mothers Association Protesting Rally Statement Condemning Sentencing 30 Abductees to Death by Houthis

              With mothers' pain, heartaches, and tears, we stand today in Al-Hudaydah to condemn and protest against sentencing 30 abductees to death by Criminal Court in Sana'a. As the world witnessed, the court revoked all international human rights laws and agreements to issue the void and null judgment after a groundless two-year trial. We, abductees' mothers, were shocked by the judgment which defies all human rights laws. In this rally, we call upon human

              03/08/2019 08:43:55

                Abductees Mothers Association Rally Statement by Judiciary Complex

                In our rally, we, at Abductees' Mothers Association in Aden, call upon the President and Prime Minister to cheer mothers by releasing their abducted and forcibly hidden sons within these blessed days before Eid. We demand Minister of Interiors, Minister of Justice, Attorney General, and Head of Judicial Inspection Unit to uncover the fate of dozens of forcibly hidden abductees who are held at secret detention centers around the governorate. We, moreover, urge

                30/07/2019 08:35:51

                  Abductees Mothers Association Rally Statement in Taiz

                  Abductees' Mothers Association rallies today in Taiz to condemns the death sentence of 30 abductees which was issued by Supreme Criminal Court, which lacks jurisdiction, headed by Houthi-appointed judge, Abdu Rajeh, after a groundless two-year trial. In this rally, we, at Abductees' Mothers Association, demand saving the 30 civilian abductees and all other abductees, and their immediate and unconditional release as they are innocent civilians who were

                  20/07/2019 12:11:21

                    Abductees Mothers Association Rally Statement in Aden

                    Dozens of us, mothers of abductees and forcibly hidden detainees in Aden, are rallying here in front of Public Prosecution headquarters to demand the attorney general and Minister of Justice to uncover the whereabouts of our sons and allow us to visit them. They have been forcibly hidden for years where we do not hear from them. There is no way for us to know what our sons are going through. We have been unfairly and illegally prevented from visiting or seeing

                    17/07/2019 10:42:57

                      Abductees Mothers Association in Ibb Condemns Sentencing 30 Abductees to Death by Houthi Court

                      We, at Abductees' Mothers Association in Ibb, condemn and disapprove the void judgement of executing 30 civilian abductees, among of whom are academics and students, who have been held at Houthi prisons and detention centers. Those abductees had suffered from brutal and inhuman torture, physically and psychologically, then tried by a court that lacks jurisdiction.  The Houthi ruling of executing 30 abductees based on invalid charges and lacks

                      13/07/2019 07:57:07

                        Abductees Mothers Association Statement Condemning Convection of Female Abductee Asmaa Al-Omaisi

                        Abductees' Mothers Association condemns the conviction of Asma'a Al-Omaisi who was, today, sentenced to serve 15 years in jail by Court of Appeal in Sana'a. Asma'a was abducted in October 2016 at a checkpoint in Sana'a. She has been, since then, severely tortured and inhumanely mistreated. Continuing women abductions by Houthis, with no respect to Yemeni ethics, values, traditions, and customs which honors women, makes it human rights

                        9/07/2019 19:59:41

                          Abductees Mothers Association Urgent Statement Condemning Convictions of Their Sons Held at Houthis Prisons

                          Abductees' Mothers Association condemns and disapproves the groundless convictions of thirty abductees who were sentenced to death by hanging after the trials of thirty-six abductees. The court order was ruled this morning by Supreme Criminal Court which lacks jurisdiction according to decree 15 of Supreme Judicial Council of the year 2018. The hearing was headed by Houthi-appointed judge Abdu Rajeh who stated that the sentence will be carried out in fifteen

                          09/07/2019 19:54:20

                            Abductees Mothers Association Rally Statement on International Day in Support of Victims of Torture

                            It is the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, while hundreds of our abducted, imprisoned, and forcibly hidden sons are subjected to the worst forms of physical and psychological torture at Houthi prisons and those of military and security organizations in Aden. This inhumane torture has caused the death of more than 128 abductees.Our sons' lives, and physical and psychological welfare are targeted by systematic torture. They have been

                            26/06/2019 12:20:38

                              Abductees Mothers Association Urgent Report Calls for Quick Rescue of Abductees Held in Political Security Prison in Sanaa

                              Dozens of abducted civilians, most of whom are academics, journalists, and students, are held at Political Security prison in Sana'a, which is controlled by Houthi armed group. Those abductees are often subjected to physical and psychological torture. Abductees' family visits were prevented for a week. Yet, prison wardens have prevented some abductees from their visits for two more weeks. Abductees are not provided with the needed food and medicine, and

                              01/04/2019 12:18:28

                                Statement of Abductees Mothers Association Sanaa Rally Regarding Recent Developments of Abductees Situation after Stockholm Agreement

                                Abductees' Mother Association has been looking forward to the outcome of Jordan negotiations regarding the abductees which started last week after failing to agree on the abductees' terms during Stockholm agreement. We, abductees' mothers regret the irresponsible procrastination and the temporizing approach to abductees' exchange deals. We greatly condemn and disapprove the extortion we and our sons go through for their basic rights which is

                                28/01/2019 12:16:02

                                  Abductees Mothers Association Rally Statement in Al-Khokha

                                  Two years have passed by and the people of Al-Hudaydah are experiencing a greater suffering of abduction, enforced disappearance, and torture by Houthi armed group. Since the beginning of the armed clashes in Al-Khokha province, the number of the abductees has increased to more than 200, increasing the number of devastated families. A lot of those abductees have been transferred to Sana'a and prevented from family visits or even contacting their

                                  21/01/2019 12:13:27