SAM and the Abductees Mothers Association Are Making an Urgent Appeal to Save the Lives of Detainees inside the Houthi Controlled Military Prison

    SAM Organiztion for Rights and Liberties and the Abductees Mothers Association have expressed serious concern about the increasing violations by members of the Houthi group against the detainees in the Sana'a military prison, noting that they have received exclusive information that a number of detainees in prison have been on strike for ill-treatment and delays in legal proceedings against them.   In a joint statement issued on Friday, the two

    17/04/2021 14:47:49

      Abductees Mothers Association Ramadan statement in conjunction with widespread of Corona Virus demanding to release all abducted civilians.

      The seventh Ramadan is here while our abducted, detained, and forcibly disappeared sons are still held behind bars. Our living conditions have worsened and our tears cannot be stopped for any joy is not felt without our sons’ presence.  Currently, there are 633 abducted civilians held by Houthi armed group, 155 of whom are forcibly disappeared. In Aden, there are 39 abducted civilians held at Be’er Ahmed Prison and 38 forcibly disappeared held at

      13/04/2021 10:51:23

        Abductees Mothers Association urgent report regarding threats and assaults against detainees at Beer Ahmed Prion in Aden.

        In Aden, Abductees’ Mothers Association received an urgent report stating that Be’er Ahmed’s deputy prison director, Ahmed Anwar Al-Qamri, took abductees, Othman Ali and Ahmed Waleed Al-Dabj, to prison yard and threatened of killing them last Wednesday at midnight. After that, he took Abdullah Al-Tairi out of his cell and brutally beat him. He threatened other detainees of unleashing police dogs upon them inside their cells.   Security

        03/04/2021 08:28:45

          Urgent call to save abductees held at Beer Ahmed Prison in Aden.

          Abductees’ Mothers Association calls to save its abducted sons who have been held at Be’er Ahmed Prison in Aden for three years. For the past four days, the abductees have gone on a hunger strike, protesting against the derailing and prolonging of their legal processes by authorities, and detention of others longer than the statutory limitation period without interrogation or trial. 39 abductees declared that their strike will continue until their

          27/03/2021 19:20:19

            Urgent report regarding conditions of abducted journalists held at Houthi prisons.

            Journalists, Abdulkhaleq Amran, Tawfiq Al-Mansouri, Akram Al-Waleedi, and Hareth Humaid, have been threatened by Houthis to be executed in case they are not exchanged with war prisoners by the government, as stated by their lawyer, Abdulmajeed Sabra.  On April 11th, 2020, Houthi armed group issued a judgement of executing the four journalists, who were abducted in June 2015 in Sana’a. Since their abduction, the journalists have been subjected to physical

            19/03/2021 15:57:53

              Urgent call to save abductees held at Political Security Prison in Sanaa.

              At Abductees’ Mothers Association, we make this call to save the lives of 114 civilian abductees, 48 of who are sick, who have been held at Political Security Prison in Sana’a for more than 5 years, and subjected to systematic starvation by Houthi armed group.  We rally here, by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Sana’a, to hold Houthi armed group accountable for the lives and safety of all our abducted

              15/03/2021 18:45:46

                In conjunction with International Women Day; Abductees Mothers Association statement in Marib calling for cease fire and peace.

                As Yemenis look forward to ending the war and building complete peace that protect civilians and their rights, the armed conflicts intensify resulting in derailing the case of abductees and detainees. This case is the only part of agreements that has made tangible process. Thus, we return to the life of terror and displacement.  Abductees’ Mothers Association has monitored 4 prisons in Marib, in which 550 men and 13 women are held, as well as 19

                07/03/2021 03:47:24

                  Abductees Mothers Association call to uncover forcibly disappeared fate in Aden.

                  For five years, 38 sons of ours have been forcibly disappeared. We have no clue of their fate and their medical conditions. All doors have been knocked and calls have been delivered to all competent authorities in order to acquire any information to hold on to the hope of finding out the fate of forcibly disappeared individuals held at secret detention centres in Aden.  As we demand uncovering the fate of our forcibly disappeared sons, we call upon the Arab

                  02/03/2021 18:46:13

                    Abductees Mothers Association rally statement in Aden demanding coalition to mount pressure to release forcibly disappeared

                    This is not the first time Abductees’ Mothers Association rallies by the headquarters of Arab Coalition to demand mounting the necessary pressure upon the competent authorities in order to uncover the fate of the individuals who have been forcibly disappeared for five years.   There are 38 forcibly disappeared persons whose families have had no clue of their medical conditions and whereabouts for five years.  At Abductees’ Mothers

                    16/02/2021 17:11:43

                      Abductees Mothers Association report calling to save life of abductee Alhasan Al-Sarari held at Political Security Prison in Sanaa

                      The mother of Alhasan Abdulrahman Yahya Al-Sarari, a 27-year-old abductee who was abducted by Houthis on September 17th, 2015, filed a report to Abductees’ Mothers Association stating that his health has severely deteriorated and his body has weakened to the extent that he was unable to speak properly and fell unconscious during his visit at Political Security Prison in Sana’a.   His mother reported that he gets around 6 seizures daily,

                      15/02/2021 17:09:35

                        Abductees Mothers Association statement in Aden condemning official silence regarding case of abductees and forcibly disappeared

                        Abductees’ Mothers Association’s rallies continue in Aden to demand the Prime Minister, Ma’een Abdulmalek, to uncover the fate of 38 forcibly disappeared persons, and to release 39 arbitrarily arrested individuals.  Yet, the government has never shown any interest in mothers’ demands.  Since 2016, our sons have been illegally abducted from their homes and workplaces, and been forcibly disappeared.  Since then, we have only

                        09/02/2021 16:03:38

                          Mother of Ashraf Thabet makes call to save her abducted son held by Tareq Saleh forces at Alkhawkha

                          In a report presented to Abductees’ Mothers Association, the mother of Ashraf Thabet Mohammed Sa’ad, a 17-year-old abductee, stated that her son was abducted on December 4th, 2019 while he was attending a General People’s Congress party’s ceremony at Mokha District. After two weeks of disappearance and search, his family found out that Ashraf was detained at Abu Musa military base, which is controlled by Tareq Saleh forces, in Alkhawkha

                          04/02/2021 10:28:56

                            Abductees Mothers Association call to urgently save sick abductees.

                             As Yemeni parties meet to negotiate in Jordan, hundreds of civilians have been detained for more than six years, including dozens of sick ones.   At Abductees’ Mothers Association, we hold the negotiating committees, from both parties, fully responsible for the lives and safety of sick abductees and arbitrarily detained persons, and demand their immediate release.   For six years, mothers have inhumanely been worn out, longing for

                            01/02/2021 17:05:06

                              Abductees Mothers Association statement in conjunction with abductees negotiations in Jordan.

                              In conjunction with the commencement of the negotiations between the government and Houthi armed group in Jordan, under the auspices of the United Nations, hundreds of abductees’ mothers, wives, daughters, and relatives hold tight to the hope of ending the inhumanly prolonged suffering.   At the beginning of 2021, and as we were looking forward to complete release of all abductees and detainees, people of Alhayma, in Taiz, were subjected to great

                              27/01/2021 03:58:09

                                Abductees Mothers Association statement condemning abducting civilians at Alhayma area in Taiz.

                                After forcibly storming it, Houthi armed group has illegally abducted dozens of civilians from Alhayma, located at north-eastern area of Taiz governorate. Many of these abductees are minors.  Only 11 civilians, among of whom are 4 minors, have been released. At Abductees’ Mothers Association, we greatly condemn abducting 95 civilians, including 13 minors, and inhumanely terrorizing women. We, also, condemn forcibly storming, destroying and burning down

                                18/01/2021 13:12:32

                                  Abductees Mothers Association rally statement by Maasheeq Presidential Palace in Aden demanding to release arbitrarily arrested and forcibly disappeared persons

                                  Today, we rally by Ma’asheeq Presidential Palace to make our voices heard by the recently-appointed government, headed by Prime Minister, Mu’een Abdulmalek, and all competent authorities to demand uncovering the fate of 39 civilians who have been forcibly disappeared by Security Belt forces in Aden for four years, and carrying out the legal process of 39 arbitrarily arrested civilians held at Be’er Ahmed Prison.   It has been noticed

                                  12/01/2021 19:06:52