Abductees Mothers Association demanding to save abductees at Be’er Ahmed Prison

    During these hard times, high temperature, and blackouts Aden is going through, Be'er Ahmed Prison administration deliberately mistreat abductees.Abductees' Mothers Association has received several reports from abductees' families held at Be'er Ahmed Prison stating that abductees are facing slow death inside their cells as prison administration continues to cut power to prison and cut down detainees' meals in addition to the widespread of

    01/06/2020 15:33:29

      Abductees Mothers Association urgent statement demanding release of abductees held at Central Security Prison in Sana a

      Abductees' Mothers Association received an urgent report this evening from Central Security Prison in Sana'a. the report stated that two abductees, Noor Aldeen Murzeyah and Mohammed Wasel, have been suspected of being infected by Covid-19, and moved to prison quarantine while their conditions were serious. Abductees' mothers have been living in grim worries and fears for the lives and safety of their abducted and forcibly disappeared sons,

      25/05/2020 21:15:23

        Abductees Mothers Association statement condemning continuing imprisonment of journalists despite release orders

        Houthi armed group has continued the imprisonment of nine journalists for more than five years. The journalists have been subjected to null and void trials and process that contravening the law. Subsequently, five of them were ordered to be released while the other four were sentenced to death, which is considered an extrajudicial execution as they have been unlawfully abducted, illegally processed, and inhumanly tortured and treated since June 9th, 2015. We, at

        22/05/2020 18:04:22

          Abductees Mothers Association urgent statement calling to save abductees at Beer Ahmed from epidemic outbreaks

          We, at Abductees' Mothers Association, call upon whoever has the ability and authority to save our 44 abducted sons held at Be'er Ahmed in Aden. The deputy director of prison fell severely ill whereas his brother had died due to one of the lethal epidemic spreading in Aden. The dangerous widespread of different epidemics in Aden caused the Supreme National Emergency Committee to declare Aden as a distressed city. The epidemics directly threatens the

          11/05/2020 20:59:34

            Abductees’ Mothers Association statement demanding the release of all journalists on World Press Freedom Day

            While the whole world is celebrating World Press Freedom Day under the theme "Journalism without Fear of Favor", Yemeni journalists are facing death sentences at Houthi prisons and other face forced disappearance and systematic torture. We, at Abductees' Mothers Association, on World Press Freedom Day, reaffirm that 18 journalists have been subjected to torture and forced disappearance for five years, which led to sentencing four of them to death by

            04/05/2020 19:50:23

              Dear Mr. Secretary-General of United Nations.. Dear Madam UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

              While the world is striving against the horrors of Covid-19, our forcibly disappeared sons are facing it on their own.Military and security organizations in Aden have had 40 detainees forcibly disappeared in their secret detention centres for four years. Be'er Ahmed Prison Administration, run by Ministry of Interiors, has locked up all 42 detainees in only two cells, irresponsibly breaking World Health Organisation's first rule of fighting Covid-19, which

              21/04/2020 18:17:48

                Abductees Mothers Association statement demanding to release their sons as Ramadan draws closer

                Here comes the sixth Ramadan while our abducted and forcibly disappeared sons are still imprisoned. Consequently, we no longer feel the joy of the month. Additionally, Covid-19 pandemic continues to spread, threatening 1919 abductees at Houthi armed group's prisons, 46 abductees at legitimate government's prisons, and 40 abductees at military and security organizations' prions. Those abductees are kept at terrible detention conditions and visits are

                20/04/2020 18:11:05

                  Statement of an exceptional pause for the Association of Mothers of the Abductees under Social spacing, coinciding with the day of the Yemeni abductee April 18

                  Many humanitarian crises have been results of the terrible circumstances Yemen is going through, including the suffering of hundreds of abducted and forcibly disappeared civilians all around Yemen. A lot of journalists and students, who were abducted from their homes and workplace based on their political opinions, believes, and affiliation, have been victims of abduction and forced disappearance. During their detention periods, abductees are often subjected to

                  18/04/2020 07:41:16

                    Abductees Mothers Association statement condemning sentencing journalists to death by Houthi armed group

                    While we were hoping to see all abductees and forcibly disappeared persons free in Yemen, we were devastatingly shocked today to hear the new from the null and void Specialized Criminal Court in Sana'a, which was transferred to Ma'rib by the Supreme Judicial Council's decree in 2018. Judge Mohammed Mufleh, who had been appointed by Houthi armed group, issued a political judgement to execute four journalists and imprison six others. The journalists

                    12/04/2020 10:36:59

                      Abductees Mothers Association statement demanding the immediate release of all abductees detainees and forcibly disappeared persons

                      We, at Abductees' Mothers Association, have been monitoring the measures and actions taken by Yemeni warring parties in relation to our abducted and forcibly disappeared sons. Despite the great fear we feel amidst the breakout of Covid-19 pandemic, we have positively received authorities promises to release the abductees in Sana'a, government's calls to implement Amman's agreement, and all the calls made by the UN, special envoy to Yemen, and

                      10/04/2020 20:09:28

                        Abductees Mothers Association rally statement in Aden

                        While Covid-19 continues to spread around the globe, the whole world, including Yemen, takes the necessary measures to stop the outbreak, and despite the repeated calls of UN Secretary-General and OHCHR to release abductees and detainees, we remain in constant fear for the lives of 40 forcibly disappeared persons of our sons and 42 other arbitrary detainees held at Be'er Ahmed Prison. We call upon the government, Supreme Judicial Council, and Attorney General

                        06/04/2020 14:15:44

                          Abductees Mothers Association regarding targeting women Central Security Prison in Taiz by Houthi armed group

                          Abductees' Mothers Association greatly condemns bombing women Central Security Prison in Taiz this afternoon by Houthi armed group. The bombing resulted in the death of many inmates in a dangerous precedent that targeted women with no moral or humanitarian deterrence, devastating dozens of victims' families.Central Security Prison is identified by all parties as an official prison, and considered a civilian object protected by Geneva Conventions. Yet,

                          05/04/2020 13:53:03

                            Abductees Mothers Association statement following international experts committee statement

                             With great relief and appreciation, Abductees' Mothers Association received a copy of international experts' committee statement in Yemen. The committee has dedicatedly worked, since its formation, on abduction, arbitrary detention, and forced disappearance cases. It has documented testaments of the victims and their families, and got familiar with detention conditions. While international experts' committee calls upon warring parties to release

                            31/03/2020 18:09:06

                              Abductees Mothers Association rally statement in Aden

                               We, at Abductees' Mothers Association, are here, by coalition headquarters, to express our greatest worries for our abducted sons' conditions due to the global widespread of Covid-19 while there 38 forcibly disappeared abductees and 52 detainees held at Be'er Ahmed Prison. We, abductees' mothers, demand competent authorities, mainly Ministry of Interiors and Public Prosecution, to urgently release arbitrary detainees before the pandemic

                              30/03/2020 17:54:11

                                Abductees Mothers Association statement amidst efforts to stop Covid-19

                                While thousands around the world die as a result of Covid-19 pandemic, Yemen works, as part of the international community, to stop its widespread. We, at Abductees' Mothers Association, are aware of the danger abductees face at prisons and detention centres, where no healthcare is provided, no measures are taken to protect or heal abductees, and there is no medical staff to serve abductees. Painkillers are the only form of medicine prison administrations

                                27/03/2020 07:45:19

                                  Abductees Mothers Association rally statement in Ibb on Mothers Day

                                  While all mothers around the world celebrate Mother's Day with their children, we, mothers of abductees and forcibly disappeared persons in Yemen, have been living in pain, worry, and tears since our sons were abducted. How can we celebrate and feel happy while our beloved sons are illegally in prison? On Mother's Day, we, Abductees' Mothers Association, stand here by prison gates where our sons endure all kinds of pain in their cells. Abductees

                                  24/03/2020 12:54:26