With happy tears of long-awaited return; Abductees Mothers Association in Taiz reunites with its released sons

30/09/2021 10:56:48

In Taiz, Abductees’ Mothers Association reunited with its sons, who had been detained at Houthi prisons, after being released via a prisoner exchange deal in the governorate. The deal included 136 abducted civilians and war prisoners.

The following are the names of abducted civilians were included in the exchange and had been previousl listed by Abductees’ Mothers Association;

•    Ibrahim Qasem Mohammed Al-Ushari.
•    Ahmed Abdu Fare’ Sayed Al-Zayla’i.
•    Badr Sultan Mohammed Ahmed Al-Mulaiki.  
•    Hafed Qa’ed Saleh Hezam Muqbel.  
•    Husam Hasan Mahyoob Senan Al-Jalal.  
•    Hamza Yehya Abdulraqeeb Al-Jubayhi.  
•    Khalil Ahmed Naji Mohammed Al-Dhamari.  
•    Rasheed Mohammed Hasan Khaled Al-Omaisi.  
•    Rayyan Abdulkarim Abdullah Hezam Hezam.  
•    Shehab Ali Abdullah Al-Ameri.  
•    Shehab Mohammed Ahmed Saeed Al-Theeb.  
•    Sadeq Ali Mohammed Qa’ed Al-Sorouri.  
•    Sadeq Moqbel Munasar Mohammed Al-Majidi.  
•    Saddam Dammaj Mohammed Hasan Hasan.  
•    Taher Mohammed Abdu Ahmed Muthanna.  
•    Aiyed Mohammed Hasan Mohammed Al-Faqih.  
•    Abduljalil Abdu Mansour Al-Moulah.  
•    Abdulhamid Esmail Abdullah Amr Al-Ameri.  
•    Abdulrahman Ahmed Abdullah Naji Al-Muhayia.  
•    Abdulkarim Abdullah Moqbel Salem Al-Fattaji.  
•    Abdullatif Hassan Abdullah Al-Hatroush.  
•    Adnan Dahhan Mohammed Saleh Al-Mabrazi.  
•    Ala’a Sayed Anam Mohammed Al-Qahtani.  
•    Alwi Bajjash Abdullah Al-Jubani.  
•    Ali Thabet Abdu Mohammed Al-Maghdari.  
•    Emad Abdulhakim Mohammed Naji.  
•    Omar Abdulrahman Abdu Saif Al-Zomor.  
•    Adnan Mukhtar Abdu Saleh Al-Batiq Al-Athwari.  
•    Fatehi Mohammed Mohammed Qa’ed Al-Maqra’ei.  
•    Fursan Munwar Sayed Naji.  
•    Falah Hassan Abdullah Ghaleb.  
•    Mazen Abdullah Mohammed Abdulrrab Al-Mohammedi.  
•    Mohammed Ahmed Saif Mohammed Al-Misyari.  
•    Mohammed Saif Nasr Abdulwali Abdulrahman Al-Qahet.  
•    Mohammed Abdulsattar Moqbel Al-Okaish.  
•    Mohammed Abdulqader Abdu Saif Al-Majidi.  
•    Mustafa Ahmed Mohammed Yehya Al-Udaini.  
•    Mustafa Ghulais Saleh Abdulmughni Al-Twairi.  
•    Mustafa Qa’ed Ghaleb Othman Al-Hashmi.  
•    Nezar Tawfiq Abdulmu’men Mohammed Al-Absi.  
•    Wasim Ahmed Sayed Ghaleb Al-Ameri.  
•    Wadhah Abdulwase’ Ali Sallam Al-Yousufi.  
•    Walid Abduljalil Sarahan Mohammed Al-Qasemi.  
•    Yaser Mukred Thabet Mohammed Al-Selwi.  
•    Yehya Abdulghani Hamid Assaj.  
•    Ahmed Mahmoud Mohammed Dahwa Al-Soufi.  
•    Rashid Mohammed Abdullah Saif Al-Hadrami.  
•    Abdullah Mohammed Ahmed Naji Naji.
•    Ali Mohammed Abdu Ali Al-Adeeb.  

Abductees’ Mothers Association extended its congratulations to all of its released sons and their families, who fought for the return of their relatives stolen right of freedom. The association called upon all authorities and parties to step up their efforts, locally and internationally, in order to grant freedom for all abducted, arbitrarily detained, and forcibly disappeared civilians.