Abductees Mothers Association statement in Taiz demanding to save and release three ill abductees

Intentional medical negligence and prevention of delivering the medications to the abductees held at Houthi prisons, which are provided by their families, have all led to escalating the suffering of our ill abducted sons, and warned of the dangers surrounding the lives of 18 abductees due to their deteriorating medical conditions. These abductees are never provided with the necessary medical care, medications, and medical check-ups, and are left to face agony and suffering with no consideration to the humanitarian aspects of their conditions.
At Abductees’ Mothers Association, we demand urgent intervention to save three ill abductees, whose health has severely deteriorated. Khalil Hazza’ Qasem Al-Haddad, 30 years old, was abducted 5 years ago after he and his family had been assaulted and shot at, resulting in tearing his abdominal walls, while shrapnel are still in his body until this day, making an urgent surgical intervention a great necessity. Jubran Mahyoub Ahmed Al-Salmi, 28 years old, diagnosed with hernia, and Rawdhi Abdu Saif Al-Ameri, 40 years old, suffering spinal desk slippage.
We call upon all competent authorities and human rights organizations to make their utmost efforts to release those abductees in order to have the necessary medical care.
We, also, call upon the recently-appointed Special Envoy for Yemen to mount the needed pressure to release all ill abductees and detainees.  
Issued by Abductees’ Mothers Association, Taiz.  
September 28th, 2021.