As talks of another Riyadh agreement regarding security situation surface; Abductees Mothers Association in Aden demands uncovering fate of forcibly disappeared persons.

8/06/2021 05:34:08

Abductees’ Mothers Association reiterated their demands, in conjunction with news of another Riyadh agreement talks regarding the security situation, to uncover the fate of the forcibly disappeared persons and grant all abductees their human and legal rights, and to include these demands in the main agenda of the government. 

In a rally held at Alorodh Square in Aden this morning, mothers declared that they had no clue of their conditions of their sons and that their fears for their lives have doubled with the spread of COVID-19.

  In the rally statement, mother said that a group of abductees had spent three years and a half unlawfully detained at Be’er Ahmed Prison due to the constant prolonging of legal processes, which, in turn, led to the extension of detention periods. 

The statement highlighted mothers’ optimism by the capability of the new coalition government to end the suffering of mothers and their abducted and forcibly disappeared sons as its formation followed coalition efforts to form a committee to look up the case of forcibly disappeared persons. The committee, itself, had announced finding out the fate of several forcibly disappeared abductees. However, after all the optimism and hope, mothers’ efforts were met with a wall of silence from the government which increased their agony and fear as only God knows how they felt with the absence of their abducted sons.

  The statement held all competent authorities, mainly the ones carrying out the arrests and disappearances, responsible for the lives and safety of abductees and forcibly disappeared persons, and called upon human rights organizations to continue stepping up the pressure and efforts to save abductees and forcibly disappeared persons until they are all free.