As part of the Campaign “Justice for Abductees” Carried out by Abductees’ Mothers Association Victims of Detention, Torture and Enforced Disappearance Demand Justice for them and Accountability for the Perpetrators of Violations Committed against them

10/10/2022 16:02:28

Abductees’ Mothers Association revealed at a hearing for a number of victims part of the violations suffered by the abductees, detainees and forcibly disappeared persons that require accountability and justice.


At the hearing, the kidnapped lawyer, "Abdul-Malik Ahmed Al-Sabai", who was kidnapped in June 2017 during the Eid Al-Adha holiday and remained disappeared for a year and eight months and was released in December 2019 said: “I was kidnapped by gunmen affiliated with the Houthi group in several military pickup trucks while I was walking out of a restaurant with my wife and children in the city of Taiz and I was traveling to visit my family in the capital, Sana'a. Then I was taken into a dark building in the prison of Al-Saleh City in Taiz. I was dead, not knowing night from day, which requires international law and civil society organizations to hold those responsible for these crimes committed against me and my fellow abductees and detainees accountable.”
Al-Sabai, who was accused by the Houthis of working with the resistance, added in his testimony: “I was taken hostage and was framed. We were subjected to severe collective psychological and physical torture, to the extent that we were deprived of food, sunlight and bathrooms.”
For his part, the kidnapped "Yasser Mukred Thabet" – a member of the marginalized group - who was kidnapped by the Houthis on 10/30/2016 on charges of communicating with the resistance and was forcibly disappeared for more than two years, held the Houthi group fully responsible for the violations he had suffered, demanding accountability in international courts, as well as compensation. He also held the legitimate government responsible for cutting his salary since his kidnapping until today.
He said in his testimony: “I was working as a taxi driver in the city of Dimna in Taiz and was lured by a neighbor to be kidnapped from the street. I was blindfolded and taken to Al-Saleh city Prison. I was taken to a solitary room and beaten on the chest with a stick more than seven times until I felt that I would pass out. Then I was interrogated and subjected to beatings and torture with electricity while my eyes were closed. The effects of torture are still on my body to this day. We were denied food and water except for a little, and we were allowed to enter the bathroom for only five minutes a day.”
In the same context, the kidnapped Hisham Ali Qaid, who was kidnapped while returning after years in the diaspora, said: I was stopped in Naqil al-Ebil pass in Al-Hawban area and was taken off the bus I was riding and interrogated. After that, I was kidnapped and forcibly disappeared for three months by the Houthis. I did not know where I was and I was accused of uploading the coordinates!”
He added: “I demand that those who kidnapped and tortured me be brought to justice, and that they comply with the law. They threatened to kill me, pointed a weapon at our chests during the investigation, banned the visits to us, led the most sever charges on me and searched me continuously in the middle of the night.”