Abductees Mothers Association Meets Accept International Delegations to Review the Conditions of Abductees and Detainees.

03/11/2022 15:20:37

Amat Alsalam Al-Hajj, Head of Abductees’ Mothers Association, met with Mr. Yosuke Nagai, Chief Executive Officer of Accept International. 

During the meeting, which was held this morning at the association’s office in Taiz, Al-Hajj explained the violations and torture methods abductees, detainees and forcibly disappeared persons had been subjected to. She talked about the activities and actions carried out by the association, which aim to support the case of abductees, and the association’s work extent, which includes all violating parties in Yemen, despite all the threats that had been delivered to the association’s members.



  During her explanation, Al-Hajj highlighted the mental and medical suffering, as well as the horrible living conditions, face after release, and the efforts the association had made to support them, and the importance of holding the violators accountable for their crimes against the current and released abductees. 

Mr. Nagai praised the role of the association, and stressed on the importance of continuing the humanitarian work the association had been working on, and the importance of connecting and coordinating the association’s efforts with other NGOs, so the association would not solely carry the burden. 

He reviewed the reports issued by the association, and the documenting files and forms.


He expressed his support for the association by saying “Abductees’ Mothers Association is not alone; we all firmly stand together with it.” The meeting was attended by the local mediators, Abduallah Shaddad, and many other human rights activists in Taiz.