Aden; Abductees Mothers Association Honors the Efforts and Determination of Mothers in Conjunction with the Global 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence.

23/11/2022 08:51:16

In Aden, Abductees’ Mothers Association honored 30 mothers of arbitrarily detained and forcibly disappeared persons, appreciating their determination during their long arduous journey of searching for their sons. The ceremony was held in conjunction with the global 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence.
For years, mothers of abductees, forcibly disappeared and detainees have been subjected to violence, threats, interrogations, detention, beating and humiliation by all parties. Yet, they stood their ground and firmly held on to their rights, proving themselves, and making their case a priority, both nationally and internationally.
During the ceremony, Amat Alsalam Al-Hajj, the head of Abductees’ Mothers Association, stated “The humanitarian issue we are defending is an undeniably fair case. Nothing should come between a mother and her son. Therefore, we started forming our association at the beginning of 2016, by the prisons’ gates in Sana’a. We endured all types of humiliation and degradation, which we fought with determination. We, after that, extended our activities to other governorates.”
Al-Hajj added “Peace begins at mothers’ hearts, and justice will prevail as long as there are calls for it. We need to keep raising our calls. Rights will be granted as long as there calls for them. Thus, we raised your voices and demands to all global organizations and the UN’s Special Envoy, who all listened and showed the preparation to help.”
An association member, the wife of Adel Al-Haddad, a forcibly disappeared individual, expressed her appreciation to the mothers who continued their search until they, mother, passed away, and asked for the search to continue. She highlighted that more efforts must be generated and hope must not be lost in the coming days. She, also, stressed on preserving all evidence regarding their sons in order to strengthen their legal stand during trials.
In her speech, the sister of Mohammed Mabrouk, a forcibly disappeared, said “Many mothers have suffered the pain of loss to death, fallen ill, been threatened, including my mother. We were threatened to be displaced, and my brother was killed by Southern Transitional Council’s forces. They started negotiating with us, and my brother, Mohammed, was abducted when we refused listening to their negotiations.”
The wife of Salem Al-Marfedi, a released abductee, said “The release was not achieved easily. It took us five years of struggle and many protesting rallies. My husband and I received many threats, but I did succumb to them in hopes of his freedom.”
The ceremony was concluded by honoring the mothers who passed away after long journey of searching for their sons, but to no avail;
- Mona Saleh, mother of the forcibly disappeared Mohammed Al-Alwani.
- Zubayda Abdulghafur, mother of the forcibly disappeared Mohammed Al-Ghafouri.
- Sameera Tayeb, mother of the released detainee Mohammed Luqman.
- Layla Al-Sha’bi, Mother of the forcibly disappeared Helmi and Hussein Al-Zenji.