Abductees Mothers Association Condolence and Consolation Statement as Community College Prison Remaining Victims Buried

Today, after three months of bombing Community College Prison in Dhamar by Arab Coalition air force, Houthi armed group buried, at Dhamar Cemetery, 72 bodies of our abducted sons who turned to dismembered parts. Houthi dug seven trenches. Each trench contained 10 small graves where unidentified bodies were buried.

We, at Abductees’ Mothers Association, have never felt this heartbreakingly sad. How could a mother believe that her son had been buried without her knowing, after years of abduction and disappearance? Yet, they were all killed by coalition air force with several air strikes in a savage crime against humanity.

The association had previously published a report titled The Great Grave, which covered families’ and victims’ stories and statistics. In the report, the association demanded an international investigation, bringing perpetrators to justice, and saving the rest of abductees by immediately and unconditionally releasing them.

We call upon all human rights organizations, nationally and internationally, to carry out their duties towards our abducted and forcibly hidden sons who had been killed in the bombing and who are being tortured to death in prisons. We, also, call upon international committees and the United Nations to start an international investigation on the case of illegal abduction and the case of targeting prisons by Arab Coalition with no moral or humanitarian deterrence.


Issued by Abductees’ Mothers Association, Sana’a
December 3rd, 2019