Abductees Mothers Association

Abductees’ Mothers Association is a civil society, Yemeni-based organization for Human Rights. It was fundamentally formed by the mothers, wives, and female relatives of abductees and forcibly disappeared detainees, along with female human rights activists. The association’s main focus is the cause of abductees, and victims of enforced disappearance and arbitrary arrest and detention. 

Our Vision

Superiority in granting the victims of arbitrary arrest and detention their rights and freedom. 

Our Mission

 Abductees’ Mothers Association works, in coordination with human rights activists and journalists, to grant abductees physical and psychological safety, security, and freedom, and to support Yemeni woman rights in every possible way.  

Our Objectives

 ·         Document cases of enforced disappearance and extra-judicial detention.

·         Monitoring and documenting the violations against the rights of abductees, arbitrary detainees and enforced disappearances, and their families.

·         Generating social and official efforts, nationally and internationally, to grant freedom for the abductees and victims of arbitrary arrest and detention and enforced disappearance, and to grant them their legal and human rights..

·         Demanding and working to bring those responsible for violations to justice, and compensate abductees and their relatives.

·         Supporting abductees’ families and relatives by raising their awareness of their rights, and providing the necessary psychological, legal, and financial support for them.