Abductees Mothers Association in Ibb: We Lost 21 of Our Abducted Sons in Prison Airstrikes

Abductees’ Mothers Association in Ibb stated, in memory of targeting Dhamar Community College Prison victims, that they have lost 21 of their abducted sons in the Arab Coalition airstrikes while 4 others were injured. This crime came after Houthi armed group had illegally abducted and forcibly hidden them for years.

In this morning rally, the association disapproved the international and humanitarian silence towards the crime and called upon the international and national human rights organizations and activists to stand by mothers’ demands until their sons are guaranteed their full freedom.

The rally statement held the Arab Coalition and Houthi armed group, who abducted, and held abductees at that prison, and illegally prevented visits, food, and medications, responsible for the brutal crime.

It stated that this crime is imprescriptible and demanded bringing its perpetrators to justice. It, lastly, affirmed their demands of the right of freedom for all abductees unconditionally.