Abductees Mothers Association Participates in Introducing Death Cells Report

Abductees’ Mothers Association participated, today, in introducing “Death Cells” report. The report tells the details of abduction and torture cases carried out by Houthi armed group. It was co-produced by Abductees’ Mothers Association, Human Rights Office, and Human Rights Network.

During the introduction, Abductees’ Mothers Association presented an additional reported containing figures and statistics regarding forcibly hidden abductees, torture methods, and different violations against abductees in Houthi-controlled areas.
The brother of the abductee Khaled Al-Nahari talked about the torture his abducted brother faces in detention centers, and about the suffering of other abductees and enforced disappearance victims in different Houthi prisons.

The introduction was attended by the director of Capital Secretariat office, Abdulmajid Al-Jaraf, Abductees’ Mothers Association representative, Sabah Swaid, and a number of human rights organizations and media representatives.