Abductees Mothers Association rally statement in Al-Hudaydah demanding to release abductees held at Central Security in Sana’a

Years are passing by while dozens of abductees and forcibly disappeared persons are still unlawfully behind bars. With broken hearts, their mothers are still patiently awaiting their return.


At Abductees’ Mothers Association in Al-Hudaydah, we hold Houthi armed group responsible for the lives and safety of all our abducted and forcibly disappeared sons, and demand the immediate release of those held at Central Security Base in Sana’a, which has been bombed by coalition air force, after transferring them from Al-Hudaydah prisons.


At the association, we have monitored that almost 60 abductees from Al-Hudaydah who are currently detained at Central Security Prison in Sana’a. Many of them are sick and struggle with all the diseases and detention conditions. Those abductees are; Abdu Hasan Haidar, 53, Ja’afar Mohammed Dakhnah, Yeheya Khawfani, Khaled Al-Olofi, Khaled Haider Sukkar, Ahmed Khameesi, Abkar Harad, Khaled Ghayath, who is suffering from slipped disc, Ali Ebrahim Mua’den, suffering from gastritis and vomiting everything, Fu’ad Ziad, suffering from seizure and his condit ion have deteriorated due to starving in prison, Mohammed Abkar Al-Ahdal, suffering from diabetes causing him to faint more than once a day, and Abduljalil Al-Jaradi, suffering from mental disorder.


Abductees’ families, mainly their mothers and wives, have endured the hardships and difficulties of displacement and searching for their relatives. They struggled while contacting competent authorities in order to have their detained relatives released, but to no avail. Thus, we call upon the United Nations to place the needed pressure upon Houthi armed group in order to release all our abducted and forcibly disappeared sons from Central Security Prison in Sana’a unconditionally, especially the sick ones


Issued by Abductees’ Mothers Assocaition, Al-Hudaydah August 18th, 2020