Abductees Mothers Association Rally Statement in Ibb Condemning Health Condition Deterioration of Abductees at Houthi Prions

Healthcare negligence is killing our abducted and forcibly disappeared sons. Our sons have suffered abduction, forced disappearance, physical and psychological torture, and healthcare prevention at Houthi prisons in Ibb for four long years. Yet, our worries and concerns have escalated during winter as they had been prevented from medication where five abductees are in serious danger suffering from various heart diseases, renal function impairment, and liver impairment.

We, at Abductees’ Mothers Association, hold Houthi armed group responsible for the lives and safety of abductees. We call upon human rights organizations, mainly OHCHR and IRC, to provide the needed help and support us to save our abducted sons and uncover the fate of the disappeared ones as abduction and forced disappearance mean torture and danger. We demand the unconditional release of all abductees, starting with the sick ones before it is too late.

Issued by Abductees’ Mothers Association, Ibb
December 28th, 2019