Abductees Mothers Association statement condemning torturing Mohammed Salba to death by Houthis

Abductees’ Mothers Association condemns torturing Mohammed Abdullah Salba to death by Houthi armed group. Mohammed was abducted on August 27th, 2020, from Hawra Square in Hajjah by two Houthi pickups. Despite his family’s intense search through all official prisons, they could never find out where he was detained. After his death, it was found out that he was detained at a house that had been turned into a detention centre by Houthi armed group. In that house, Mohammed was tortured by electrocution and food and water deprivation. Eventually, a Houthi individual stabbed Mohammed on his neck and hands, causing him to bleed to death. He was, then, transferred to the morgue in Aljumhoori Hospital at midnight of August 30th, 2020. The next day, Houthis claimed that Mohammed committed suicide which made his family refuse take the body. They demanded bringing the perpetrator to justice.

Mothers of abductees lose their sons, after their abductions and torture, constantly. Yet, human rights organizations and the international community take no serious actions to stop such crimes and to bring perpetrators to justice. We ask; how will six of Mohammed Salba’s children live after he was mercilessly killed while the world is celebrating the International Day of the Disappeared?

At Abductees’ Mothers Association, we hold Houthi armed group responsible for this crime, and demand the UN Security Council to impose sever penalties on the perpetrators of forced disappearance and torture, and to step up the pressure in order to release all abductees and forcibly disappeared persons unconditionally.

Issued by Abductees’ Mothers Association, Sana’a.
September 2nd, 2020