Abductees Mothers Association Statement on World Mental Health Day

While the world is celebrating World Mental Health Day, on October 10th, our abducted and forcibly hidden sons are subjected to all kinds of mental torture in order to devastate their psychological and mental capabilities.

Our sons go through different kind of mental torture starting from solitary confinement and escalating to sleep deprivation for days, locking abductees up in pitch-black cells for months along with dangerous animals and mad people, and sometimes forcing them to take pills that cause hallucinations.

Yet, the worst types of mental torture are; humiliating abductees using forced nudity, and threatening detainees of death, abducting their children, and raping their wives. During family visits, abductees are degraded and beaten by wardens right in front their family members, or deliberately given the false hope and promises of release.

Abductees’ Mothers Association’s statistics show that 6 abductees held at Be’er Ahmed Prison in Aden and 13 individuals abducted by Houthi armed group have gone totally insane. They also show that dozens of the abductees who have been recently released by Houthi armed group are suffering serious mental disorders.

We call upon the International Red Cross, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to make the needed efforts to immediately release those suffering mental and psychological disorders. We, also, call upon the competent organizations and establishments, mainly the United Nations, to provide the released abductees and their families with the needed psychological support programs as a part of peace and coexistence plans. We, lastly, call upon the national and international community to save our abducted and forcibly hidden sons by placing the necessary pressure on Houthi armed group and military organizations in Aden to respect and implement the international humanitarian law regarding the rights and dignity of abductees, and to immediately and unconditionally release the abductees.


Issued by Abductees’ Mothers Association, Sana’a

October 10th, 2019