Abductees Mothers Association Urgent Report Condemning Subjecting Journalists to Torture and Referring Them to Court

On this year’s Human Rights Day, ten of our abducted sons are tried for being journalists after four and half years of abduction. These journalists are; Abdulkhaleq Amran, Tawfik Al-Mansouri, Akram Al-Walidi, Haitham Al-Shehab, Esam Belghaith, Hesham Tarmoum, Hesham Al-Yousefi, Salah Al-Qae’di, Hasan Annab, Al-Hareth Humaid. They were abducted in June 9th, 2015 and have been forcibly hidden three times. They have been subjected to mental and physical torture in order to force them to admit to false accusation while being videotaped, and been prevented from their healthcare right. Many Houthi officers have blackmailed journalists’ families into giving up ransom money in order to release them. A lot of promises of freedom have been given to families, the latest one of them was on given by the armed group leader on Mawled day. Yet, these journalists are still suffering the unfair imprisonment and torture. Additionally, with every supporting campaign, their torture and violations intensifies.

We, at Abductees’ Mothers Association, greatly condemn and disapprove all the violations against the abducted journalists. They were brought to a court, which was not related to journalism, after years of illegal abduction and detention. The first court session was held without notifying their lawyers and families.


We call upon all human rights activists, on Human Rights Day, to create the necessary pressure to save the abducted journalists from the dangerous escalating violations, and hold Houthi armed group responsible for their lives and safety. We demand all Yemeni

warring parties to immediately release all the detained and abducted journalists unconditionally.

As we come closer to Stockholm agreement anniversary, we call upon the UN Special Envoy and all peace fostering countries, as a part of their role in peace keeping, to urge Yemeni parties to release incarcerated journalists. We call upon Yemeni parties to seriously take their responsibility towards the country, to stop using civilians’ freedom as a political bargain, and to abide by freedom values and rights, namely media freedom.


Issued by Abducteees’ Mothers Association, Sana’a
December 10th, 2019