Abductees Mothers Hold Arab Coalition and Houthi Armed Group Responsible for Abductees Manslaughter at Community College Prison in Dhamar and Demand Urgent International Investigation

Abductees’ Mothers Association in Sana’a condemned the air strikes carried out by Arab Coalition which targeted the abductees held at Community College prison in Dhamar. The air strikes resulted in the death of dozens of abductees after three years of abduction and detention by Houthi armed group. In today’s rally by the Red Cross office in Sana’a, the association held the Arab Coalition responsible for directly targeting and killing the abductees. However, it held Houthi armed group accountable, in the first place, for abducting and detaining them at Community College buildings which had been turned by Houthis from and academic campus into a prison.

Rally statement stated that inside that prison, many abductees had been killed by torture and systematic healthcare negligence, and had been prevented from visits, food, and medications.Additionally, the statement talked about the four-year abandonment by all parties, including the UN who continues to use the abductees’ cause as political bargains and deals while it is purely a humanitarian cause instead of protecting human rights and working to release the abductees according to Stockholm agreement.

In the statement, the association indicated that the crime of targeting the abductees took place despite the prior the knowledge the Red Cross had of the prison and the abductees inside it who had been gathered by Houthi armed group from different governorates with no humanitarian or legal deterrent, and demanded an urgent international investigation, and bringing those responsible for these crimes to justice.

The crime of murdering the abductees has been widely condemned, nationally and internationally, by human rights organizations and activists who urged to stop the crimes of abduction, forced disappearance, and targeting prisons, and to immediately release all the abductees and forcibly hidden individuals.