An Urgent Statement from Abductees Mothers Association to Disclose What is Happening to Their Sons at Habra Prison in Sanaa

What was done to our sons by Houthie and Saleh armed group in the morning of Eid day, September 11th, 2016, of firing live ammunition to disperse abductees’ families, and verbal and physical assault on women which led to violently pushing down a female relative of an abductee onto the ground, was not an isolated incident as the families had been repeatedly harassed and prevented from visiting their imprisoned relatives since the beginning of the month. What has been happening since that day urges every human soul to stand together against these deliberate violations against the abductees.

On top of that, Houthis attacked the unarmed detainees, installed CCTV cameras in every corner of prison, humiliatingly searching detainees using dogs, denying them of their minimum rights such as food, drinking water, needed medications. In addition, Houthis seized all the money prisoners had, put some of them in solitary confinement, and cramped others in small cells forcing them to spend a whole night standing, with no respect or consideration of Eid sanctity they were prevented from inside and outside prison.

What is happening to our sons, brothers, and husbands at Habra Prison is inhumane and obviously planned in advance, starting with the illegal abduction and detention to the most brutal ways of torture, continuous starving, and the flooding of prison drainage system countless times which resulted in the spread of different diseases among the abductees and refusing to transfer them to hospital in order to have the needed treatment.

This statement of ours is extended to the United Nations, Ministry of Human Rights in our legitimate government, and the office of the United Nations High Commissioner of Human Rights (UNHCHR) urging them to stop Houthi’s arrogance and violations the abductees are facing. And we call out for the International Red Cross to visit Habra Prison and do their respective duty they are abided by in order to protect the detainees, guarantee their safety, and disclose the deliberate violations they go through, so the world can see the inhumanity of Houthi armed group which may lead to loss of lives like it has happened to former abductees who died due to severe torture.

We hold Houthi and Saleh armed groups, represented by their Supreme Political Council, responsible for what may happen to our sons and to what may lead things in the coming days in all prisons, especially Habra Prison.

Our sons’ lives are in grave danger if Houthis do not stop their inhumane crimes.