National and International Condemnations of Abductees Death Sentence

Amnesty International
“The death sentence of thirty academics and political activists ruled by Houthi-controlled Supreme Criminal Court was a mockery of justice and only confirms how the judiciary, and the SCC in particular, is turning into a tool of repression, evidently incapable of dispensing impartial justice”.

Yemeni Human Rights Ministry
“We condemn the death sentence ruled by Houthis. We have prepared a report that will be presented to Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Opinion and Expression and Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial Summary or Arbitrary Executions”.

Saeed Thabet, a Yemeni journalist
“The President and his legitimate government are responsible for the lives of the 30 abductees sentenced to death by their abductors”.

Rights Radar for Human Rights, an Amsterdam-based foundation for Human Rights in the Arab world
“We call on the international community to take a serious and urgent action to prevent implementing the execution of 30 civilian detainees in the prison of Houthi armed group”.

Office of Human Rights in Sana’a
“The issued groundless judgements are totally wrong and unfair. This is another offense committed by Houthis and it can be considered a war crime as it is connected to war in Yemen, and conflicts with principles of international law and human rights law”.

Nationalist Alliance for Yemen Parties
“The Houthi judgment of executing 30 political opposition figures in Sana’a is illegitimate and destructive to public participation”.

Hadi Haij, head of abductees’ and prisoners’ negotiation team at the legitimate government
“Houthis have forgotten that Stockholm agreement stated that abductees and prisoners case is purely humanitarian and is not related to any political aspects”.

SAM Rights and Liberties
“The ruling issued by the Houthis court is legally null and void because it was issued by a court that lacks jurisdiction, and noting that the trial lacks fair trial principle and lawyers where threatened during the sessions”.