We Appreciate the UN and IRC Efforts and Demand the Unconditional and Immediate Release of the Rest of the Abductees

After great and continuous efforts, carried by Abductees’ Mothers Association and supported by many national and international human rights organizations and figures, demanding the freedom of all abducted civilians by means of meetings, statements, and rallies, 250 out of 2200 abductees and forcibly hidden individuals were released last Monday by Houthi armed group. Those abductees have been detained and transferred from a prison to another with no legal justification.

In an official exclusive statement, head of the association, Amat-Alsalam Al-Haj, valued and appreciated the role played by the United Nations and its Special Envoy to Yemen Mr. Griffiths in the abductees case. Houthi armed group considered the release of the abductees a step towards the implementation of Stockholm agreement, which was formed under the UN auspices and stated that all abductees and forcibly hidden individuals shall be released.

In her statement, Al-Haj thanked the International Red Cross office in Sana’a for facilitating and easing the release of 250 abducted civilians, and gave credit for feminine unions and human rights organizations which stood by mothers’ demands until they saw their sons free.

Al-Haj assured that dozens of freed abductees were civilians who had been abducted from homes and workplace with no legal warrants. She confirmed that they had been brutally tortured physically and psychologically which led to sever chronic disease, movement difficulties, and psychological disorders.

In similar context, Al-Haj hoped that this pleasing step would be followed the unconditional release for all abductees and forcibly hidden individuals. She emphasized on working to stop arbitrary arrest and detention, to create social peace, and protect rights and liberties.

Al-Haj concluded by calling upon international human conscience pay attention to the suffering of hundreds of mothers and families, and assuring that peace starts at mothers’ hearts.