Abductees Mothers Association in Ibb Condemns Sentencing 30 Abductees to Death by Houthi Court

Abductees’ Mothers Association in Ibb condemned the unjust and invalid judgement of executing 30 civilian abductees, among of whom are academics and students, who have been held at Houthi prisons and detention centers. Those abductees had suffered from brutal and inhuman torture, physically and psychologically, then tried by a court that lacks jurisdiction.

Mothers, in this morning’s rally in Ibb, called upon the UN, Security Council, and human rights organizations to intervene and work for the immediate and unconditional release of abductees and stopping the implementation of those executions. In its statement, the association stated that the Houthi ruling of executing 30 abductees based on invalid charges and lacks legitimacy and jeopardizes all peace agreements and negotiations, holding Houthi armed group responsible for the lives and safety of all the abductees and forcibly hidden individuals.