Abductees Mothers Association Arranges Seminar to Discuss and Oppose Sentencing Abductees to Death

Titled “Together to Oppose Sentencing 30 Abductees to Death”, a seminar was arranged by Abductees’ Mothers Association today in Ma’rib. Many representatives of human rights organizations attended the seminar including; The Yemeni Human Rights Network, Human Rights Office in Yemen, Shumool Organization for Media and Human RIghts, Yemen Women Union, Himayah Organization, Sanabel Alsad, Eradah Organization Against Torture and Enforced Disappearance, Raqeeb Organization for Human Rights.

During the seminar, the convicted abductees’ situation and conditions were discussed and explained. Relatives of two of them talked about how they were abducted and tortured and elaborated on the violations they underwent during their detention.

To conclude the seminar, several recommendations were agreed upon such as; forming a death sentence opposition committee, and releasing a joint statement regarding the sentence. It was also agreed that a lawsuit must filed to clear the abductees of their charges and stop the execution, to directly address the attorney general, and to make the abductees’ cause and case popular among international human rights.