Families Outcries in Courthouse after Death Sentence Ruling

A weeping and feeble mother said “I don’t care about my health anymore. I was deprived of my son for three years and now I’m going to lose him forever. My son is unwell”.

After the court rule, a mother was so upset that she pointed at the judge and shouted “Where would you run, judge, from the Judge above?” She was then forced out of the courthouse by an armed Houthi.

Another mother repeated shouted “This whole trial is null and void. Our sons are innocent. They will be proudly exonerated and released”.

A mother called a hearing attendee and kept repeating “Is it true? This is a crime”.

Another mother asked wondered “Where’s the legitimate government? How are they allowing this groundless trials to go in? Why aren’t they taking any actions to carry out their duties towards our sons and all of the abductees?”.