Abductees Mothers in Aden Demand Attorney General to Disclose the Outcome of Committee Investigation and Stand in Support with Abductees Mothers in Sanaa

Abductees’ Mothers Association in Aden demanded the attorney general to immediately disclose the investigation outcomes of the abductees’ and forcibly hidden individuals’ case which was undertaken by special committee four months ago. In their rally in front of Public Prosecution headquarters this morning, mothers stated that dozens of their sons have been forcibly hidden for years where there is no way to know what are going through and that they, mothers, have been unfairly and illegally prevented from visiting or seeing their sons.

Abductees’ Mothers Association demanded, in its statement, providing the abductees held at Be’er Ahmed prison with their lawful and legal rights, releasing the 20 abductees whom the Public Prosecution ordered to be released, and immediately looking into and reviewing the other abductees’ cases without any procrastination or delay. They also demanded to hold those responsible for the crime of enforced disappearance accountable for their actions and punish them as seriously as the law permits.

During their rally, mothers carried sympathetic banners in solidarity with the mothers of the 30 abductees who have been sentenced to death by Houthis in void and groundless trials.