Abductees Mothers Association in Taiz Holds Seminar Regarding Abductees Death Sentences Issued by Houthi

Titled “Stop Executions”, Abductees’ Mothers Association in Taiz organized, today, a human right seminar regarding the death sentences of 30 abductees issued by Houthi armed group. Organizing the seminar was coordinated by Bar Association in Yemen, and The National Commission to Investigate Alleged Violation to Human Rights. The seminar contained different presentations.

During the first presentation, Ali Al-Mansoub, a lawyer and Bar Association representative, talked about the illegitimacy of Supreme Criminal Court and its judgements. He added that all issued court rulings are legal documents that could be either valid or invalid. He explained that the court orders of executing 30 abductees were issued in times of constitutional absence and ruled by a court that lacks jurisdiction.

In the second presentation, Raghda Al-Maqtari, a lawyer and an NCIAVHR representative, talked about the needed legal protection of abductees inside Houthi prisons. She detailed abductees’ rights granted by national laws and international agreements, which indicate that a prisoner shall have his full lawful rights in interrogations and trials. Among the guaranteed rights are; reason of arrest, assigning a lawyer, healthcare, and fair and public court trials. She added that Houthi armed group revoked the Yemeni constitution and all international agreements. Raghda concluded her presentation by demanding international human rights organizations and UN Special Envoy to pressure Houthi armed group to uncover the fate of abductees and forcibly hidden detainees held at Houthi prisons for around 5 years.

Esra’a Al-Tayeib, an Abductees’ Mothers Association representative, presented third. Her presentation was about the violations against the 30 abductees. She called upon Yemenis of all professions and interests to stand by the abductees, condemn the court orders, work for the immediate and unconditional release of all abductees, and bring those responsible for violations to justice.

Lastly, Ali Al-Sarari, a famous Yemeni lawyer, talked about the needed legal procedures that should be carried by abductees’ families. He affirmed that the abductions of activists, journalists, and other civilians is Houthis main method of intimidating the punishing their oppositions.