Abductees Mothers Association publishes testaments of who have been victims of abduction and forced disappearance by Houthi armed group

On their international day, women in Yemen are repeatedly subjected to various violations, mainly abduction, arbitrary arrest, and forced disappearance for as long as two years.

Abductees’ Mothers Association has documented 157 cases where women have been victims of abduction and forced disappearance. Women are abducted by Houthi armed group for many unlawful and illogical reasons such as; peacefully protesting for better living conditions, political opposition and affiliation, and traveling from a city to another. In its statistics, the association used the reports of victims’ families and interviewing former female abductees.

The violations led to a bigger decline in liberties and social peace. At Houthi prisons, many women have been defamed by falsely accusing them of prostitution in order to keep them away from society and prolonging their detention. Women’s rights in Yemen, which have been fiercely fought for, have been deteriorating as international community and Security Council is looking forward to increasing the participation of women in peace negotiations and post-conflict reconstruction, according to Resolution 1325.

Abductees’ Mothers Association is to publish a series of abduction victims’ testaments. The series will include testaments of women who are still detained at Houthi prisons, where they have been subjected to physical torture and verbal abuse, and have not been allowed to have any contact with their families. There are many other former abductees who have been arrested while traveling inside Yemen.

Houthi armed group continues abducting and blackmailing women since the beginning of 2018 until this day, denouncing international human rights agreements and Yemeni values