Abductees Mothers Association statement condemning abductions in Socotra

At Abductees’ Mothers Association, we have been monitoring storming civilians’ house and abducting them in Socotra with great worries. We greatly condemn the constant cases of abducting civilians, among of whom journalists and activists, as it has recently reported to us that Abdullah Badahen, a journalist, had been abducted and detained by Southern Transitional Council forces.

We demand STC in Socotra to immediately release all abductees and detainees, and hold it responsible for their safety. We stress on the importance of responsible treatment towards civilians and their rights and liberties.

We call upon the United Nations and all human rights organizations, mainly OHCHR in Yemen, to urgently intervene to release Abduallah Badahen and all abductees, and to stop the abductions in Socotra.

Forced disappearance carried out by military and security organizations in has been a painful crime against humanity.

Thus, we fear the recurrence of such actions in Socotra leading to complications and destruction of social peace.

Issued by Abductees’ Mothers Association, Aden
June 23rd, 2020