Abductees Mothers Association Urgent Appeal Calling to Rescue Abductees and Forcibly Hidden Individuals in Aden

Amidst the crisis taking place in Aden, warring parties turn their backs to the severe breaches of human rights agreements and ruthless violations against or forcibly hidden and abducted sons detained in official and secret prisons here in Aden. They, also, conveniently forget the arbitrary arrest and detention of many civilians carried out by military and security organizations within the past two days with no legal or humanitarian deterrent.

On the International Day of the Disappeared, we, abductees’ mothers, call upon world conscience, the United Nations and its Special Envoy, and all warring parties to save our sons, to immediately and unconditionally release them, to disclose the fate of forcibly hidden individuals, and to stop the arbitrary arrest and detention.

Issued by Abductees’ Mothers Association, Aden
August 30th, 2019