Abductees Mothers Association Protesting Rally Statement Condemning Sentencing 30 Abductees to Death by Houthis

With mothers’ pain, heartaches, and tears, we stand today in Al-Hudaydah to condemn and protest against sentencing 30 abductees to death by Criminal Court in Sana’a. As the world witnessed, the court revoked all international human rights laws and agreements to issue the void and null judgment after a groundless two-year trial. We, abductees’ mothers, were shocked by the judgment which defies all human rights laws.

In this rally, we call upon human rights organizations and competent authorities to rescue the 30 civilian abductees and all the other abductees, to pressure for their release, and to hold those involved in abduction and torture accountable for their crimes. Finally, we hold Houthi armed group and international community responsible for the lives and safety of our sons.


Issued by Abductees’ Mothers Association, Al-Hudaydah
August 3rd, 2019