An message of appeal from the mothers and wives of the abductees to the Houthi group on the occasion of Ramadhan

With Ramadan lanterns extinguished and joy fading away in the absence of their loved ones

Mothers and wives of the abductees in Sana’a city today, Wednesday, sent a tearful and sorrowful plea message demanding the release of their relatives who have been abducted, detained, and forcibly hidden in Houthi group’s prisons on the occasion of the blessed month of Ramadhan.

The mothers hope that their message will be heard attentively by the leaders of the Houthi group and that the time will come to alleviate this pain and end the period of their sons’ abduction, lifting the injustice off them. For years, their sons have suffered from the loss of family reunion, especially in the month of Ramadan, and families suffer from the pain of losing their beloved ones.

Mothers appeal to the Houthi group with the deepest levels of pain and longing in their hearts for their sons, with the deepest levels of humanity and mercy to consider their sons’ suffering and release them. They eagerly await the moment of reunion in the month of goodness and peace.

In their plea message, the mothers emphasized that the release of the abductees is one of the most appropriate decisions Houthis can make for the sake of mothers’ hearts, for justice, and for the joy that should spread throughout the country. They further urge that the matter be taken into consideration and addressed with utmost care.