As consultations falter; Abductees mothers: our sons freedom is inalienable, we are ready to hand in our lists to all parties.

Abductees’ Mothers Association demanded the Special Envoy and the international community to mount the necessary pressure upon the Stockholm Agreement’s parties, in order to fully and completely implement it.


In their rally this morning by the office of the United Nation’s Special Envoy, mothers said that the consultations held by the Yemeni Parties that signed Stockholm Agreement and under the auspices of the United Nations, continue to falter where lists were to be exchanged. Thus, civilians remained detained by different parties.

According to Abductees’ Mothers Association’s documented cases, there are, currently, 413 abducted civilians, including two women, held by Houthi armed group, 97 and a woman of whom are forcibly disappeared. Similarly, there are 18 detained civilians held by the security forces in Marib, and 5 forcibly disappeared civilians held by the Joint Forces at the western coast.
In their rally statement, mothers condemned stalling the consultations between Yemeni parties because of name lists, which did not justify the detention of abducted and arrested civilians, whose mothers and wives spent their times between prisons’ gates and officials’ offices, searching for abductees and requesting their safety.

Abductees’ Mothers Association reiterated its offer to hand in its documented lists of the names of the abductees and arbitrarily detained persons, whose greatest support was their mothers and wives who never gave up for years.

The rally statement demanded all Yemeni parties to release all abducted and arbitrarily detained civilians, to provide them with the adequate rehabilitation and compensation, and to hold the violators of their rights, stated by law and religion, accountable.