Dear Mr. Secretary-General of United Nations.. Dear Madam UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

While the world is striving against the horrors of Covid-19, our forcibly disappeared sons are facing it on their own.

Military and security organizations in Aden have had 40 detainees forcibly disappeared in their secret detention centres for four years. Be’er Ahmed Prison Administration, run by Ministry of Interiors, has locked up all 42 detainees in only two cells, irresponsibly breaking World Health Organisation’s first rule of fighting Covid-19, which is social distancing.

As WHO has recorded the first case of Covid-19 in Yemen, we call upon your humanitarian conscience to save our abducted and forcibly disappeared sons, and to create the necessary intense pressure to immediately release them before the outbreak of the pandemic.


Abductees’ Mothers Association, Aden – April 21th, 2020