“Our sons have been forcibly disappeared for six years, we have no clue of their fate and abductees face diseases and visits prevention” Abductees Mothers Association stated during its rally by Almaasheeq Palace in Aden.

In Aden, Abductees’ Mothers Association rallied this morning near Alma’asheeq Presidential Palace to demand uncovering the fate of forcibly disappeared persons and condemning prolonging the legal procedures of the detainees held at Be’er Ahmed Prison. 

In its rally, the association stated that it had documented 54 cases of forcibly disappeared persons, whose parents had died while the abductees were never notified. The association had, also, documented 51 cases of arbitrary detention at Be’er Ahmed Prison, 14 casefiles of which had been stopped by the authorities. 

The rally statement declared that detainees suffered severe health deterioration amidst the breakout of viral fevers and contagious diseases, including Omicron variant.

They, also, struggled with the worsening medical care at the prison, including the medical examinations, as the period of their detention had been stretched and their families prevented of any visits.

Mothers held the administration of Be’er Ahmed Prison responsible for the lives and safety of the detainees who had been suffering of severe health deterioration, and demanded the Security Belt Forces, run by the Southern Transitional Council, to uncover the fate of and release the forcibly disappeared persons.

The association condemned the constant disregard of the case of the arbitrarily arrested and forcibly disappeared, and neglecting them for years at prisons without taking the necessary legal actions to release them and grant them their freedom. It called upon all human rights organizations and media platforms to support the families of the arbitrarily detained and forcibly disappeared persons, and to stand behind their cause until their sons are released and the violators and brought to justice.

The rally statement was concluded by reiterating mothers’ demands to the Prime Minister, Mua’een Abdulmalek, and to all competent authorities to pay more attention to their sons’ case and end their suffering by taking the needed actions to grant them their rights and uncover their fate.