SAM and the Abductees Mothers Association Are Making an Urgent Appeal to Save the Lives of Detainees inside the Houthi Controlled Military Prison

SAM Organiztion for Rights and Liberties and the Abductees Mothers Association have expressed serious concern about the increasing violations by members of the Houthi group against the detainees in the Sana’a military prison, noting that they have received exclusive information that a number of detainees in prison have been on strike for ill-treatment and delays in legal proceedings against them.  

In a joint statement issued on Friday, the two organizations said that according to their statement, five detainees in the military prison had started a hunger, drink and medicine strike several days earlier because of procrastination and delays in legal proceedings, as well as illegal practices and abuses by members of the Houthi group inside the prison and they stressed that the Houthis had transported the hunger strikers to an unspecified destination to the moment.

The two organizations indicated that the detainees: Maher Al – Nahari, Amjad  Mashhour, Mulhem Al – Magbuli,  Saeed Khadhri and Ibrahim Adani were detained in 2015 and have been detained ever since in clear violation of the Code of Criminal Procedure and the provisions of the Yemeni Constitution.  

The two organizations emphasize that the continued violations against detainees by the Houthi group pose a real threat to the lives of those detained if they insist on their enforced disappearance and intransigence in their release, calling on the Houthi group to stop the practices that have been violated against all detainees in its prisons, particularly those in the military prison. The two organizations indicated that there were hundreds of detainees inside the military prison, a section of what is known as the Ghamdan Palace, including children and elderly persons, spread over five wards each divided into several wards, as well as a number of solitary confinements, which their rooms do not fit for human use.

They are bad and dark and their walls are tight, and their electrical wiring are exposed, threatening the lives of prisoners, as well as the high humidity and poor ventilation sources, or healthy places in the prison in general.  

At the end of their statement, SAM and the Abductees Mothers Association called on the Houthi to cease all violations and to reveal the fate of the five detainees who are going on a hunger strike, confirming the need to provide all basic requirements, including medical care, and to stop all forms of abuse and torture of detainees, stressing the need for the international community to fulfil its legal and moral obligations arising from international conventions and to work towards the cessation of all forms of violations against Yemeni civilians.