Yemen: Mothers of Abductees League condemns the Houthi/Saleh militia attack on their protest off the UN mession in Sanaa

The Mothers of Abductees League (MAL) strongly condemns the Houthi/Saleh militia attack on their protest next to the UN mession in Sana’a, Yemen, on Monday, calling on the UN to play its role to protect their fundamental rights.
They said in a formal statment that this incident was a brautal attack on the mothers of hundreds of civilian abductees who were in Houthi/Saleh detentions for more than 19 months.
The Houthi/Saleh militia attack on the mothers is violating all the human rights, fundamental civic rights and human morals as well as social values and traditions of the Yemeni conservative society, particularly when it occured just next to the doors of the UN mession compound in Sana’a.
The mothers of the abductees exposed for physical attack, assault and beating by rifle butts of the Houthi/Saleh militia, just when they arrived to the UN mession bureau in Sana’a at a time of the visit of the UN special envoy to Yemen Ismail Ould Chiekh Ahmed, to organize their protest demanding the urgent release of their sons and family members from Houthi detentions.
The Houthi/Saleh militia confiscated the mobile phones of the women protesters and publicly insualted them with very bad words, shameless acts, and do not respect their elderly age and mothers.
We are calling on the UN, the international Human Rights organizations, women rights defenders and the international community to respect their duties to protect us and our civic rights from these prautal violations and demanding them to play their role to force the Houthi militia to immidiate free our sons and family members from their detentions.
The systemically violations of the Houthi/Saleh militia is very dangrous for the abductees, for their family members and defenders in Sana’a. This attack considered as a clear message that Houthi/Saleh are using the issue of the civilian abductees as an issue for political blackmail, despite it is clear as a humanitarian issue.
Sana’a (24 October 2016)