Protesting Rally Organized by Civil Society Organizations in Marib to Condemn Death Sentences

Abductees’ Mothers Association organized, along with several civil society organizations, a protesting rally today in Ma’rib to oppose and condemn the Houthi judgment of executing 30 abductees in Sana’a. During the rally, the judgments were denounced and condemned. The judgement of executing 30 civilian, among of whom are academics and students, conflicts with humanitarian laws and agreements as the abductees were forcibly hidden, physically and psychologically tortured, and coerced to make false confessions under torture.

A joint statement held the UN responsible for relaxing its efforts to implement Security Council decisions and Stockholm agreement. Additionally, it held the UN Special Envoy, Martin Griffiths, fully accountable for the outcomes of the judgement which may jeopardize peace efforts. Civil society organizations called upon the legitimate government to carry out its duties by protecting Yemeni civilians and diplomatically work to internationally pressure to stop the implementation of execution judgement.

Security Council and Human Rights Council were demanded to take strong and immediate actions to stop the executions. Special Envoy, Martin Griffiths, was called upon to take the appropriate steps to stop the orders of politically-based executions and save the rights of the abductees included in Stockholm agreement. Civil society organizations emphasized that they would take the necessary practical steps, nationally and internationally, to oppose and stop implementing the judgement and the violations associated with it. The organizations, also, held Houthi armed group responsible for the lives and freedom of the 30 civilian abductees.

After the rally, Abductees’ Mothers Association and civil society organizations’ representative, Raqeeb, held a meeting with a representative from ION. Topics of the meeting included abductees’ suffering and the death sentence. ION representative was keenly interested and promised to deliver a detailed report to the United Nations.